Incredible Tiny Homes Review

//Incredible Tiny Homes Review

Incredible Tiny Homes Review

Incredible Tiny Homes Builder Review

Incredible Tiny Homes was founded in 2014 by Randy Jones in Morristown, Tennessee. ITH’s goal is to provide comfortable and affordable housing to those looking to make a move to the tiny life. This Incredible Tiny Homes review will take a close look at the company and the tiny houses they build.

The tiny house industry is getting bigger and bigger every year, so ITH wants to make sure that their tiny homes are built with the highest quality standards to stay ahead of the curve. Incredible Tiny Homes has a massive warehouse where all of their builds are done. ITH makes sure you get exactly what you want in your tiny home, allowing you to work with them to customize your tiny house as they build it.

What Incredible Tiny Homes Has To Offer

Custom Builds:

Incredible Tiny Homes offers custom builds to anyone looking to purchase a tiny home. If you visit their website, you’ll see all of the custom builds they have done, and how amazing they really are. The following is a break down of everything included in the base models with room to customize or upgrade during the building process.

What Comes Standard:

The following is what you would find in the base models built by Incredible Tiny Homes:

Incredible Tiny Homes Review

Incredible Tiny Homes Review

Incredible Tiny Homes Review

Incredible Tiny Homes Review

Incredible Tiny Homes Review

Any of the upgrades that you decide to involve in the building and design process will be added to the base price.

Beginning The Build Process

In order to start the building process, Incredible Tiny Homes requires 80% of your base price with all of the options/upgrades

When your home is 3/4 of the way done you will be provided with pictures the progress, and are required to pay 50% of the remaining balance so they can continue to build

A week prior to pick-up or delivery, they will again send pictures of the progress, and will require the rest of the balance owed.

Incredible Tiny Homes Workshop – Build It There Yourself

A great feature that Incredible Tiny Homes offers is their workshop. This workshop allows you to enroll in a 7 day course, where you go and build your own tiny house at their facility. Prices very on size and design of the tiny house you choose.

Included in your price is room and board for a week, home cooked meals, all the tools you need,  and a supervisor to help you along the way.

This is such a great idea for someone looking to truly engage in the tiny house building process. It makes your home special since your own two hands where the ones that built it. A perk of going to this tiny house university is that you can cut down the price of your tiny house. Take a look at the price breakdown of the workshop compared to custom built:

Incredible Tiny Homes Review


Incredible Tiny Homes is an excellent company when it comes to building beautiful tiny houses. They keep you involved of the building process, and even let you come build your own tiny home. They offer so many features and upgrades to make your tiny house unique. If you are serious about starting a tiny house life, then Incredible Tiny Homes may be the perfect builder to get you started in the right direction. We hope you enjoyed this Incredible Tiny Homes review

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