Nevada Tiny Home Builders

//Nevada Tiny Home Builders

Nevada Tiny Home Builders

Nevada Tiny Home Builders

If you are searching for your ideal tiny house in the state of Nevada, you have come to the right place. At we want to make your search as painless as possible. Looking for a house is hard work, and finding builders to create one can be an even bigger challenge. We at Tiny House Life have created a list of the most recommended and credible tiny home builders in your area to make sure that you get everything you are looking for and more from your new tiny house.

Old Hippie Woodworking and Design

Old Hippie Tiny Homes

Old Hippie wants you to become part of the movement in the tiny house community. They want you to experience the freedom and discovery that comes with going tiny.

There is freedom from mortgage, ultities, massive maintenance expenses, and most of all, freedom from settling down into one location. Old Hippie stresses the importance of scaling back and creating a small space that reflects who you are, while having just enough of what you need.

There are a couple of key features that set Old Hippie Woodworking and Design apart from the rest. The first, somewhat obviously, is their woodworking. All of the woodwork designed in your tiny home will be custom created to fit your requests.

The other unique quality this company offers are the getaway tiny homes that you can rent in the Sandy Valley Ranch. This fun opportunity would allow you to get a feel for what it would be like to live in a tiny house.

On top of everything else Old Hippie Woodworking and Design partnered with HGTV to create DIY tiny home building video, giving them a lot of credibility in the tiny house community.

Tahoe Tiny Houses and Trailers

Tahoe Tiny Houses

Owner of Tahoe Tiny Houses, Marvin Dinovitz, has been a master craftsman for over 30 years. A majority of Dinovitz’s designs have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens and The Architectural Digest. A majority of the designs and carpentry that Dinovitz has created can be seen spread out along the California coast.  

Tahoe Tiny Houses and Trailers specializes in building multifunctional, luxurious, free-standing units. Each custom built and tailored by the team using modernized Airstream trailers. The team at Tahoe Tiny Houses can devise interiors that flatter any idea or style that you have, in either a trailer or a tiny home… or both!

These trailers and tiny homes can easily fit in most backyards or lot spaces. They serve many different functions as well. For example, they can be used as a mother-in-law suite, a lavish backyard hotel, a getaway space for the kids, or simply just a guest house.

Tahoe Tiny Houses and Trailers also offer “Fantasy Interiors” which are made to purchase. These ready-to-order tiny homes can come with various amenities and decors. They range anywhere from sleek and modern to country bumpkin.

Sierra Tiny Houses

Sierra Tiny Houses

Sierra Tiny Houses is a tiny house company located in both Northern California and Northern Nevada. Depending on your lifestyle and how you would like your tiny home to function, Sierra offers a multitude of tiny houses on wheels (THOW), in order to give you some solutions that meet both your budget and your needs.

Whether you are looking to rent your new tiny home out to Airbnb, or use if solely for yourself, Sierra Tiny Homes has options that will cater to your wishes.

If you are someone that plans on DIY-ing your tiny home, Sierra offers more than just building. They are also dealers for a trailer company called Trailer made Trailers, who are the current commanding trailer company in the industry.

If needed, Sierra can provide you with a steel frame or a tiny home kit, which could be really beneficial for jumpstarting your construction.

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