North Carolina Tiny Home Builders

//North Carolina Tiny Home Builders

North Carolina Tiny Home Builders

North Carolina Tiny Home Builders

If you live in the state of North Carolina and are looking for the perfect tiny house for you, look no further and let us at do all the work for you. Searching for your dream home is a difficult process, especially when you are trying to build that dream home from scratch. Here at Tiny House Life we want to give you the best resources possible in order to create your one-of-a-kind space. We have created a list of the best, most credible sources in the state of North Carolina. So you can just sit back, relax, and read.

Perch and Nest | A Tiny Home Community

Perch and Nest Tiny Home

Perch and Nest is a large team comprised of designers, builders, licensed professionals, carpenters and upcyclers. At the end of the day they are all still homeowners and because of that they understand the importance of a functional and practical space that still feels like your own.

Perch and Nest designs and fashions specialized recreational vehicles and reinvigorated spaces for more peaceful and useful living. Each tiny home or vehicle that you buy from Perch and Nest is always created from scratch. They never use existing models or plans.

In terms of direction and how you would like your tiny home to be set up, be it on wheels, DIY, or foundation based, Perch and Nest will work with you and your budget to construct the best dwelling possible.

Upon meeting with the design team and explaining your idea and vision, they will be able to render architectural 3D images and show you what your new tiny home, on wheels or foundation, will look like.

As experienced craftsmen and builders, the team at Perch and Nest ensures that only the best materials and reliable building practices will be used. Each tiny home is built following DOT compliance and the applicable codes.

Finally, Perch and Nest has been seen on the Discovery Channel, Curbed, and HGTV. This definitely establishes credibility, making this tiny house company one that you can trust.

Tiny Life Construction  

Tiny Life Construction

Tiny Life Construction is all about embracing your freedom and making simplicity a part of your daily life.

Tiny Life Construction has one plan available called Irving. The Irving Framing Plan is 32’ and costs $199. Furthermore, the interior of these homes appear to be traditional with a modern twist. The light hardwood floors and white interior allow the space to feel very light, airy, and open.

Wishbone Tiny Homes

Wishbone Tiny Homes

Family owned and operated in North Carolina, Wishbone Tiny Homes is a general contracting company that is determined to fulfill the varied needs of home buyers in this generation and the next.

Wishbone Tiny Homes is credentialed in LEED, energy auditing, and solar PV. With all of this information, Wishbone has the expertise needed to build green.

Wishbone Tiny Houses also partners with several non-profit organizations to help supply financial support, shelter, and employment to those who are the most in need of it.

The sizes that Wishbone offers range from 200 – 2,000 SF. There are four models for tiny houses that already exist if you simply wanted to choose a model and tailor more of the interior to your specific wishes. Wishbone will also custom create a house for you, on wheels or foundation.

If you’ve decided to DIY your own tiny home and are in need of a little assistance, regardless of the stage you’re at, Wishbone can offer you some helpful consultation services and walk you through it.

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