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Electrofishing My 10 Acre Lake

The day for electrofishing my 10 acre lake has finally come! The lake may be the most important aspect of my 40 acre property, and my favorite part of the land. The lake inhabits a variety of fish, along with an eclectic group of birds and reptiles. Before I get into this interesting and exciting experience, I would like [...]

The Quad Hunting Platform By Muddy (Unboxing and Review)

Hunting season is upon us, and if you're like me, you want to make sure that you purchase the right equipment to ensure your success this year. That’s exactly why I'm bringing you a review on The Quad Hunting Platform by Muddy. In this article I will explain to you why I chose this particular [...]

Moultrie Feeders Unboxing and Review

Moultrie has been a go-to company for outdoorsman, and hunters for years, and it’s no surprise. In this Moultrie Feeders Unboxing and Review, I will breakdown why I purchased this product for my land, and why you should consider doing the same. After doing my research, and having purchased Moultrie game cameras, I came to [...]

My 40 Acres In Beautiful South Florida

Having 40 acres in beautiful South Florida is a dream come true, but it is no simple task to maintain. Being from Pittsburgh, and growing up in a small rural area outside the city has definitely prepared me for this journey. I grew up being outside, running around the woods, and I really never needed much to live, so [...]

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Solar Power: A Complete Guide To Off Grid Energy

If you're like me, and you live in a tiny house in the middle of nowhere, then creating self-sustaining power is probably on your mind. In this article Solar Power: A Complete Guide To Off Grid Energy, we'll show you how to do just that! Even if you don’t live in a tiny house, why wouldn't you want electricity [...]

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MiniMotives Tiny House Plan Review

MiniMotives Tiny House Plan Review MiniMotives tiny house plan may be one of the more noticeable and iconic tiny houses on the internet. Created by Macy Miller, an architectural designer started her tiny house build in 2011, with very little help, and did so for right around 11,500.00. You may have seen this beautiful tiny house in Dwell Magazine, [...]

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Humble Homes The Blue Jay House Plan Review

The Blue Jay Tiny House Plan Review The Blue Jay tiny house plan is another awesome plan from Humble Homes, and was designed for a couple running their own business from home. This plan is unique because they added in an extra room for a hobby space or office. The 24 foot tiny house is a great starter home [...]

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A Definitive Guide To Creating A Rainwater Collection System For Your Tiny House

There has been an interesting trend in the housing industry of late, and that trend has become known as the 'Tiny House Movement'. Referring to the social movement of people drastically downsizing their living space, the tiny house movement has caught the hearts and minds of people worldwide. The average tiny house runs between 100-to-400 square feet and can [...]

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Finding Land For Your Tiny House

Finding Land for Your Tiny House Finding land for your tiny house can be a daunting task. The tiny house movement attract an ever-increasing number of people planning to save on exorbitant rents or mortgages and engage in the minimalist lifestyle. Although the prospect of taking advantage of significant savings and exiting the rat race can be appealing, tiny [...]

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