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AL Tiny Home Builder Review

Al Tiny Homes is a construction company located in Mount Olive, Alabama. This company has been building and designing tiny homes with the help of their lead professional, James Brewer, for over twenty years. ALTH builds and designs locally, but also all across the U.S. In this Al Tiny Homes Builder Review, i will breakdown all of the options [...]

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BMarko Structures Shipping Container Home Builder Review

BMarko Structures is a modular construction company that has built shipping container homes, hospitality buildings, and has even done shipping container modifications. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, BMarko Structures has three different divisions for each of their works, shipping container modifications, steel modulars, and wood modulars. BMarko’s goal is to have as much completed in their [...]

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Timbercraft Tiny Homes Builder Review

Timbercraft Tiny Homes was created in Guntersville, Alabama by owner and founder, Doug Schroeder in 2014. Schroeder is known for designing custom luxury tiny homes at prices that can be attainable with your budget. What Timbercraft Tiny Homes Offer Timbercraft Tiny Homes delivers all across the United States. TTH can be one of the more [...]

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Honomobo Shipping Container Home Builder Review

Honomobo is one of the leading shipping container home builders in the United States, and for good reason. Honomobo is dedicated to provide their customers with the very best experience when it comes to building or buying the container home of their dreams. In this Honomobo review, I will break down each model that Honomobo has [...]

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7 Easy Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden

Gardening can be viewed as a daunting task for those that have never attempted it, and for regular gardeners they may notice that some vegetables are harder to grow than others. This article, 7 Easy Vegetables To Grow In Your Garden, will give you the inside scoop on the most manageable veggies to produce and maintain.   Cucumbers Cucumbers grow [...]

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Rhino Cubed Review

Rhino Cubed is an up and coming company dedicated to building comfortable and convenient living spaces from recycled shipping containers. In April of 2014 the company Rhino Cubed began its journey to providing minimalists with a comfortable and convenient living space, with kick ass designs. Jan (the artsy designer) and Sam (the builder) came together [...]

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Shipping Container Homes: A Complete Guide

Shipping containers are becoming more and more popular to those looking to live off grid. These large steel boxes are being transformed into beautiful living spaces, and can cost a fraction of the price you would spend on a home, or tiny house. In this Shipping Container Homes: A Complete Guide, I will break down all of the things [...]

9 Compelling Reasons You Should Make The Switch To A Tiny House!

Tiny houses are taking off nationwide in 2019, and it’s no surprise because there are so many advantages to living in a tiny house that everyone can benefit from. Whether you are married, retired, single, or have children, a tiny home would be a great investment for you to make. Here are the top 9 reasons you should make [...]

Vogelzang: Wood Burning Stoves Review 2019

Vogelzang is a name that always pops to mind when it comes to wood burning stoves. The company came to be in 1907 by Dutch settlers in Michigan with one motto, “Customers Come First” Vogelzang has become very popular, and globally known for their quality and efficient wood burning stoves. Because they have been in business for so long, [...]

Napoleon: Wood Burning Stoves Review 2019

Napoleon Wood Stoves have been cutting the way to home comfort since 1976, and are dedicated to producing high quality, high efficient wood burning stoves for your home. In this Napoleon Wood Burning Stoves Review 2019, I will go into detail on some of the history of Napoleon Fireplaces, and some models they provide. If you are looking to [...]

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