Wisconsin Tiny Home Builders

//Wisconsin Tiny Home Builders

Wisconsin Tiny Home Builders

Are looking to start a new tiny house life in the state of Wisconsin? We have made it super easy for you to choose the right builder in your state! Wisconsin is located in the Midwest, and boarders two of the Great Lakes. The interior of the state is loaded with forests, and farm land, making it one of the better states to start your tiny life! Below we have listed all of the most credible Wisconsin tiny home builders, so continue reading to learn more!


Escape Traveler

Escape Traveler Tiny House

Escape Traveler has been building top notch, award winning tiny houses for over 25 years, and it’s no surprise. They have built their tiny home business around creating open and comfortable living spaces for all types of minimalists.

Located in Rice Lake Wisconsin, all of the homes built by Escape Traveler are RVIA inspected, and can handle all types of weather, from brutal winters, to extreme heat.

In each home built by Escape Traveler, you can expect to find the following…Full Kitchen, Large Bathrooms, Large Bedrooms, Washer/Dryer Combos, Tons of Storage, Climate Control, LED Lighting, and even Options for those looking to go Off-Grid.

If you are serious about making the move to a tiny home, and want one of the most beautiful, and comfortable homes built, then consider Escape Traveler as your new tiny house construction company!

Utopian Villas

Utopian Villas Tiny Homes

Utopian Villas was created in 2014 by Justin Kreger and some of his closest business friends, in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Before UT was created, Justin had already built a successful business building luxurious modular homes.

Because the tiny house lifestyle has become a massive trend, Justin decided to start Utopian Villas. The company has gained it’s credibility by connecting with the customers, and working closely with them to create unique, one of a kind tiny homes.

With each staff member working closely on each part of the building process, you know that your newly constructed home is in the best hands.

When choosing to build with Utopian Villas, you have the choice between 8 different models for THOW (Tiny House On Wheels), and 7 different models for foundation homes. If choosing to build a tiny house is in your near future, then consider Utopian Villas as your new tiny home construction company.


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