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//Ohio Tiny Home Builders

Ohio Tiny Home Builders

Ohio Tiny Home Builders

If you live in the state of Ohio and are looking to simplify your life by buying a tiny home, you have come to the right place. Here at tinyhouselife.org we have comprised a list of the top tiny house builders in your state so that you don’t have to. Looking for a home is a challenging and time consuming task, especially when you are trying to build that home from the bottom up. At Tiny House Life we want to give you the best tiny home searching experience possible. Below is a list of the most credible tiny house builders in the state of Ohio. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the read.  

Modern Tiny Living

Modern Tiny Living

The tight knit team of Modern Tiny Living has an important goal and that is to build beautiful, modern, and strong homes that will be able to withstand the test of time.

This company partners with the Amish craftsman in Northern Ohio to help them construct their unique tiny homes. The Amish community is known for its skills involving woodworking, carpentry, and construction.  

Modern Tiny Living is “modern” for two reasons. The first reason is that the company wanted to create contemporary, stylish homes. The second reason behind the company’s name is that they believe tiny homes are the new modern way of living.

Modern Tiny Living wants to pave the way of the future with their clients. Decluttering, traveling, and overall simplifying the way that you live is the goal that MTL is trying to get everyone on board with.

Whether you are looking to fully design your own home, customize an existing model to fit your personal needs, or DIY your the whole tiny home yourself and just need some assistance with a trailer or shell, Modern Tiny Homes has you covered.

They have been featured on a few media outlets including HGTV, DIY Network, Forbes, CNN, and Country Living. This tiny house company knows what they’re talking about, and it seems that their hard work is being recognized.

WheelLife Tiny Homes

WheelLife Tiny Homes

WheelLife Tiny Homes are all architecturally designed by Hap Pendleton, a skilled and comprehensive architectural planner with experience in a multitude of projects from commercial building to small businesses.

Charlie Pond is in charge of managing construction and development. He has 17 years of experience in his field, including developing and redeveloping $25 million of land and building costs from LEED certified work.

WheelLife can modify your tiny home to an extent. As long as your wishes are within reason, WheelLife will be able to work with you in order to create the most accommodating space as possible.

The whole goal of WheelLife Tiny Homes is to produce a stunning, high quality building that is also sustainable, healthy, and green. This company wants to redefine what it is to be luxurious by encouraging people to want less in order to appreciate the belongings that they currently have.

Depending on what size you would like your tiny home to be, between 20-28 feet, pricing ranges from $49,000 to $69,000. WheelLife Tiny Homes also offers financing through Lightstream.

Small Spaces CLE

Small Spaces Cleveland

Starting in 2013 the founder, Carl, initially started Small Spaces CLE as a part of his renovations and remolding company. Not long after it began the big boom in the tiny house community took off. Demand was growing and Carl added Derek to the team. Derek has an engineering background and was a crucial asset to the Small Spaces unit.

Small Spaces wishes to create lavish tiny homes at affordable prices. They strive to build the perfect tiny house every time, and the company was able to extend their product offering to now include AUD’s and kit homes.

On top of all of that, Small Spaces was able to cultivate a thoroughly sophisticated commercial line for companies that wish to boost their trade show performance and visitor rate.

Small Spaces builds both tiny homes and mobile commercial spaces. All of their products are built in Cleveland, Ohio. They will ship anywhere in the continental United States and that includes Hawaii and Alaska.

The tiny houses are built using a unique TurboShell system that is resistant to mold, bugs, and rot, and is 40% lighter than wood. The roof, floors, and walls are made of EPS foam and strong structural steel. Because Small Spaces has an engineer on their design team these tiny homes are built smart and tough, providing hurricane graded durability.

On top of all else, Small Space tiny houses are 100% recyclable and do not off gas. The structure will be encased in an insulation wrap. This will give every surface, depending on the thickness of the wall, R20-60.

There are options for those that wish to DIY. Assembled shells start roughly at $17,000-$24,000. Assembled and weathered shells cost around $35,000-$45,000, and the turn key homes, which are fully furnished with both fixtures and appliances, range around $55,000. More extravagant homes with advanced technology will cost upwards of $95,000.     

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