Harmony Tiny Homes Builder Review

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Harmony Tiny Homes Builder Review Harmony Tiny Homes is a tiny house builder located in Oxford, Alabama, with one goal in mind, create beautiful, and efficient tiny homes. HTH are professionals when it comes to providing customers with their very own unique tiny house. To them, the tiny house movement has [...]

MiniMotives Tiny House Plan Review

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MiniMotives Tiny House Plan Review MiniMotives tiny house plan may be one of the more noticeable and iconic tiny houses on the internet. Created by Macy Miller, an architectural designer started her tiny house build in 2011, with very little help, and did so for right around 11,500.00. You may have seen this beautiful tiny [...]

Humble Homes Tiny House Plans Review

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Humble-Homes is a website designed to help those DIYers who are new to the tiny house life, and those who are experienced. This is a great website to find new tiny house plans for your future build, find books on the process and everything you need to know to start your tiny house life, and [...]

Tiny House Build Review

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Tiny House Build Review was created by Andrew and Gabriella Morrison, and has been an excellent website to provide you with ECourses, Workshops, How to Videos, and Tiny House Plans. Andrew Morrison has been a professional builder for more than 20 years, and has been teaching others (over 3,000 people) how to build their own [...]

Houseplans Review

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Houseplans Review was founded in 2004, and has the largest database of house blueprints online. There have been thousands of houses built, renovated, and remodeled using the plans that Houseplans provides. Houseplans - How it Works The top designers and architects from all around the world submit new plans to the Houseplans website. They have [...]

Tiny Home Builders Review

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Tiny Home Builders Review About the Company Founded in 2010, Tiny Home Builders has been dedicated to supporting and guiding those who want to make the move to tiny living by providing pre-built trailers, tiny house plans, and completed tiny house structures. This Tiny Home Builders review will take an in depth look at this company. The [...]