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Houseplans Review review was founded in 2004, and has the largest database of house blueprints online. There have been thousands of houses built, renovated, and remodeled using the plans that Houseplans provides.

Houseplans – How it Works

The top designers and architects from all around the world submit new plans to the Houseplans website. They have millions of visitors each year browsing their website looking for bathroom designs, kitchen designs, renovation ideas, and even a blueprint for a house of their dreams.

Houseplans offers customers with thousands of cottage, home, garage plans, and even tiny house plans, making the stressful idea of renovating or designing your own home much simpler, and even more affordable.

All of their plans are customizable and functional and comes with a service guide that will help through the process of home design, so you can build the house of your dreams like thousands of other people.

If you’re still in the early stages of moving to a new home or you’re ready to start digging the land you own tomorrow, Houseplans can help find you a ready-made plan that will fit all your needs, and all the resources you will need to start building a new home.

Houseplans – Database

Houseplans have almost 40,000 plans to choose from, and their search engine makes it super easy to navigate, and narrow down the plans that will work for your particular needs. You can also save any of the plans that interest you, so you can talk with your builder to make sure your house is everything you want it to be.

Houseplans – Customizing

A great feature offered by Houseplans, is that it allows you to customize the plans, along with mix and matching from other house plans. You may want a kitchen design from one house plan, and a bedroom design from another. Houseplans Plan Customization service allows you to modify a plan within days, so that your final design works.

Houseplans – Tiny House Plans

The tiny house plans provided by Houseplans are usually under 500 square feet, but there are a few exceptions on their website. The tiny house plans became popular to those who wanted to live simpler, and at a lower cost.

As you may have seen during your own research on tiny houses, most of them are mounted on trailers. Most of the time they don’t require any building permits, and can be moved around easily.

The tiny house plans on Houseplans are meant to be a low-cost, vacation cabin, or lower maintenance homes, and are usually grouped into small housing compounds.

Conclusion is a great site for someone looking to buy a house plan, and build themselves on their own piece of land. They offer thousands of different styles at different price ranges, and offer help every step of the way.

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