Humble Homes The Turtle Tiny House Plan Review

//Humble Homes The Turtle Tiny House Plan Review

Humble Homes The Turtle Tiny House Plan Review

Humble Homes The Turtle Tiny House Plan Review

The Turtle Tiny House Plan is just one of twelve different tiny house plans that Humble Homes provides. This tiny house plan is designed for those looking for a little bit more space in their tiny house. The Turtle has modern style living areas, and has a beautifully designed first floor, that offers a bedroom that can be transformed into more living space, or office.

Benefits of The Turtle Tiny House Plan

  • Bedroom on the first floor, so you don’t need to climb to sleep
  • Spacious kitchen, brightly lit with full sized appliances
  • Integrated ladder for extra sleeping or storage loft

The Turtle Tiny House Walkthrough

The Turtle Humble Homes

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As you enter The Turtle tiny house, you first notice the large living room space, equipped with a small gas heater and area for seating. To the left is a small office room with two closets for storage and enough room to convert into a first floor bedroom.

To the right of entering the house is the kitchen. The kitchen has two counter top spaces with room to walk in-between. On one side of the kitchen are where your refrigerator and stove top would be located, and the other side a sink, and oven with a washer dryer combo located underneath. There are cabinets and drawers and shelves for all of your kitchen accessories.

As you walk through the kitchen, located on the far end of the tiny house, is the bathroom. This bathroom is equipped with a full size shower, and septic, or compost toilet.

Above the first floor bedroom/office, is another large sleeping loft with an above sky light, which is accessed with a removable ladder. This ladder will also be used for the storage area loft that is located on the opposite side of the house above the bathroom.

The Turtle Tiny House Details


Dimensions: 24 feet long x &feet 8 inches wide

Area: 230 square feet

Height: 11 feet 2 inches


Living Space: 7 foot x 6 feet 2 inches

Bedroom: 7 feet x 7 feet 3 inches

Bathroom: 3 feet x 7 feet

Kitchen: 7 feet x 7 feet 6 inches

Height of Ceiling in Bedroom: 7 feet

Loft Ceiling Height : 2 feet 7 inches

Cost to DIY: $26,500

The Turtle Tiny House Plan Details

The following is what you can expect in the tiny house plans for The Turtle

  • Details for trailers and foundations
  • Construction floor plans and general floor plans
      • First floor and loft floor plans in detail
    • Detailed plans for room dimensions, location of doors, windows, and interior partitions
  • Components page for fittings, fixtures, and appliances
    • A list that shows components for the tiny house plans such as doors, roofing, shower, stove, sinks, refrigerator, water heater, and chairs. This is NOT a material list, and is recommended that you find a contractor or surveyor to help you in making your own list with costs.
  • Residential building license for one house
    • The plans come included with all of the required details you will need in order to build a permanent structure on a foundation, or on a trailer. Also included is trailer specs, framing overview for utility trailers and flatbeds along with attachment methods.
  • Construction hints and tips
  • Annotated elevations for exterior
    • Exterior elevations for sides, roof, front, and back
  • Construction details for kicker box
  • Construction details for the partition
  • Framing plans
    • Plans for walls, floors, gables, loft, interior partitions
  • Cabinetry overview
    • Details for cabinetry in the kitchen ( also included is a detailed page for custom cabinetry with construction and drawings dimensions)
  • Schematics for electrical
    • Electrical details for the location of lights, switches, plugs, smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, and extractor fans for the loft and first floor.
  • Schematics for plumbing
  • Timber cut details
    • Details for cut angles and lengths which include rafters, fascia, fly rafters, and gable-end framing
  • Schedule for nailing
    • A nailing schedule is key when doing it yourself, it includes walls, floor framing, roof, sheathing, and partitions.
  • Transverse (for cross-sections)
    • These details contain important info including thickness of walls, paper barriers, insulation, sheathing, walls, ceiling, and flooring details. Additionally they add in details for general construction practices to make sure your tiny house is durable.

Depending on the tiny house plan you choose, the following are details that may suit your design.

  • Schematics For Solar Panel
    • If you decide to go with solar power, they can include details on how to set your tiny house up with solar panels or a grid-tie.
  • Schematics For Plumbing
    • These details contain basic plumbing instructions for a fresh-water and grey-water tank system
  • Harvesting Rain Water Schematics
    • If you garden, or grow your own foods, then a catchment system can be useful. A detailed schematic on how to build your own water catchment system.
  • Kicker Box (Optional)
    • These are details on how to construct your own kicker box, which is usually used for electrical components, gas components, and storage for your tiny house.

Cost Of Plans

There are two options offered by Humble-Homes for The Turtle tiny house plans.

Digital Print Download: $119.00

Paper Printed: $324.00


The Turtle tiny house by Humble-Homes is a great tiny house for anyone looking to DIY. If you live alone, or have a partner this house will fit your needs. It has a modern feel with everything you need in order to live comfortably. I hope that this article has helped you in narrowing down your search for a tiny house plan, and please check out our other reviews on tiny house plans, or builders if you aren’t trying to go the DIY route. Thanks for reading!

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