Humble Homes Tiny House Plans Review

//Humble Homes Tiny House Plans Review

Humble-Homes is a website designed to help those DIYers who are new to the tiny house life, and those who are experienced. This is a great website to find new tiny house plans for your future build, find books on the process and everything you need to know to start your tiny house life, and all the utensils you may need for your tiny house. Continue reading this Humble Homes tiny house plans review to find out why many people go with this popular plan provider for their new tiny house plan.

Humble Homes Tiny House Plans Review

Humble Homes Tiny House Plans Review

There are quite a few options when it comes to . The first thing you should do before buying one of Humble-Homes tiny house plans, is to figure out whether you want your home to be mobile, or stationary. When you figure that out, Humble-Homes can accommodate either. There are twelve different tiny house plans that you can choose from, with pictures to match.

All of there products can be either built as a tiny house on wheels or on a foundation as a permanent structure. Added into the plan is a permit for you to build your tiny house on a foundation.

In every plan, you receive all of the schematics you would need to build your tiny house from start to finish. Including electrical/solar, plumbing, construction, details for foundations, trailers, to fixtures, appliances, and even a schematic on building a water catchment system.

If you decide on a tiny house plan from Humble-Homes you have two different options to buy. The first being less expensive, which is digital download plans, or paper plans that cost about a hundred dollars more. The plus side if you do need paper plans, they ship them to your door for free!

Humble-Homes Tiny House Shop

In the Humble-Homes Tiny House Shop, you’ll find a variety of books and products in order to make your tiny house life transition easier. Here you can find books on the building process, things to consider when building a tiny home, and even appliances and solar systems to equip to your tiny house.

Another cool thing that Humble-Homes offers, are kits for tiny houses. These are kits filled with everything you need to build your backyard shed, pool house, or tiny living space. These kits are step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow for two adults and one day of work. If you don’t have time to build yourself, you can contact them and they will come build it for you!

Humble-Homes Contact and Refund Policy


The Humble-Homes website allows you to contact them through an email service. Their email address is if you have questions, or concerns about any of their products.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately if you purchase the digital tiny house plans, your money cannot be refunded due to being delivered digitally and as a non-tangible good.

If you purchase the paper plans, you do have the option to send the plans back, as long as it is within 30 days of purchase, and have not been opened or tampered with.


Humble-Homes overall is a great website for any tiny house lifer. They offer plans for new tiny houses, books on building and planning for your tiny house, and even products to fill your tiny house. If you want to learn more about the tiny house plans that Humble-Homes offers then check out our reviews on each plan. I hope this article has helped you on your way to choosing a new tiny house plan. Thanks for reading! 

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