Tiny House Build Review

//Tiny House Build Review

Tiny House Build Review

Tiny House Build Review

TinyHouseBuild.com was created by Andrew and Gabriella Morrison, and has been an excellent website to provide you with ECourses, Workshops, How to Videos, and Tiny House Plans. Andrew Morrison has been a professional builder for more than 20 years, and has been teaching others (over 3,000 people) how to build their own tiny houses since 2004. Andrews wife, Gabriella is the webmaster, videographer, and writer for Tiny House Build. She has always been intrigued by the way and where people live. She’s loved the lifestyle of tiny homers since she heard about it, and always wanted to live a less cluttered, and more affordable life.

The following Tiny House Build Review will take a close look at this Tiny House resource site.

TinyHouseBuild.com Tiny House Plans

TinyHouseBuild Plans

Check out the plans here!

Andrew and Gabriella designed their own tiny house, and now offer you the same house plan. They call their design hOMe which is a modern style tiny house on wheels. This plan is designed to incorporate everything you need to live in full time.

If you decide to choose the hOMe plan you will have a full kitchen with full sized appliances, stairs to the master loft, space for an office, a bathroom with a full shower, sink, and toilet. There is storage throughout the house, and even uses furniture that doubles as more storage.

The layout is spacious and open and has tall ceilings while still staying within the regulations of the road. The house dimensions are 28 feet long x 8 feet 6 inches wide x 13 feet 5 inches tall, so you can transport your house without having to get a transfer permit.

The hOMe design has been professionally engineered, and drawn to be build ready. Their system was built so that the novice builder would have an easier time throughout the process.

hOMe Design Plan

The thing we like most about this plan, is that it can accommodate someone who wants to live off the grid, and still have the features of a full kitchen and bathroom.

Tiny House Build offers 4 different house plan bundles, all of which are worth purchasing, depending on skill level and budget.

This plan is the ultimate bundle, and is the best plan they offer. You get everything you could possibly need all in one. This package cost is $299.

Digital Total Plans

The next best plan they offer is the Digital Total Plans Package. This is everything that the Total Package Plan offers, without any paper blueprints. This plan is purely digital and can be accessed on a computer. This package cost is $269.

This plan is just a less expensive version of the Total Digital Plan Package. It is a basic package and doesn’t provide 4 instant download videos, or trailer plans to take to a fabricator. This package cost is $199.

SketchUp Plans

SketchUp plans are just an editable file for the hOMe blueprints, This also includes tips and a materials list for everything you’ll need to get started on your new tiny house. This package cost is $99.

The following is what you can expect from the SketchUp Plans…

If you decide to buy a package that includes architectural plans then you will be provided with the following..

The architectural plans provided are very detailed and an excellent source for the novice builder. If you aren’t going to be the one building your house, any contractor would have no problem reading the blueprints.


TinyHouseBuild Workshops

Take a closer look at Tiny House Build Workshops!

Tiny House Build offers a 16 plus hour digital workshop that will make your process of building a new tiny house easier and fun. In this workshop you will be provided with 54 episodes, which can be watched as many times as you would like.  In each episode the novice builder or seasoned contractor can benefit from all the material explained, without the cost of attending a live workshop.

Tiny House Build stands behind their program, and offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with all the information provided. Once you purchase this digital workshop, the content is available instantly and can be accessed forever so you can go back to any video you need to.

The Workshop cost will run you $199 and comes with $270 of bonus content such as…

  • hOMe Digital Plans
  • hOMe SketchUp Plans
  • hOMe List of Materials
  • 6 + Hours of How-to Videos
  • Tool List
  • A Video On How To Read The Plans

Workshop From TinyHouseBuild.com


Tiny House Build is one of the best tiny house sites out there. They have been in the tiny house game for a long time, and provide a ton of information to those who are looking to build their own tiny house. With a tiny house plan that works, online courses, and workshops that you can learn from, its hard not to recommend TinyHouseBuild.com.

I hope this article has provided you with all the information you need to make a decision on whether TinyHouseBuild.com is right for you. Thanks for reading!

If you want to learn How To Build A Tiny House From Start To Finish, check out THB How-To Videos Here!

Tiny House Build Videos

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