Cornerstone Tiny Homes Review

//Cornerstone Tiny Homes Review

Cornerstone Tiny Homes Review

Cornerstone Tiny Homes Review

Cornerstone Tiny Homes is located in Southwest Florida and uses licensed pros to build tiny homes on foundations, and wheels.This Cornerstone Tiny Homes review will cover all the pertinent information so you can make an educated decision.

By hiring expert builders, they feel that they can provide the public with tiny homes that are top notch, taking into consideration the quality, safety, and style. CEO Brett Hiltbrand is a licensed contractor in Florida, and has 30 years experience building houses. In 2014, Brett and his wife Kim left the traditional house building industry to start building tiny houses exclusively. 

What Cornerstone Has To Offer

Cornerstone Tiny Homes has a few different options in terms of housing plans, ranging from houses with foundations, to backyard villas, to tiny houses on wheels. Whether you’re one that wants something permanent, or one that would rather travel, Cornerstone Tiny Homes will fulfill your needs. They also offers financing for those who can’t afford the house in one lump sum.

Tiny Houses On Wheels 

Cornerstone Tiny Homes offers 7 different styles of tiny homes you can purchase. Each of these designs can be modified to your liking, which is a great perk working with Cornerstone. They want the floor plan to match your needs, so your comfortable in your new tiny house.

Every tiny house on wheels has a custom trailer built to the specific floor plan. Cornerstone Tiny Homes uses the company AMP Trailers for all of their tiny homes. AMP is the industry leading tiny house trailer builders, doing so by making sure that every single trailer is safe for the life of your tiny house.

Each of Cornerstone’s tiny homes can be purchased as a shell unit, or a completed unit.


Tiny house shells include the walls built to high standards, and all of the walls, roof framing, and roof sheathing are all built to RVIA standards. They also include the interior framing, and floor sheathing.

The things you won’t find in the shells are electrical work, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, siding, windows, cabinets, doors, interior wall finishes, floor finishes, and insulation. These are left up to you, so you can decide exactly what you want in your tiny home.

Finished Tiny Houses

All of Cornerstone’s finished shells include everything you could possibly need to start living the tiny life.

You can find the following in all of their finished shells…

  • Refrigerator
  • Air condition/Heat unit
  • Kitchen sink
  • Induction cook top
  • Tankless water heater
  • Outside stairs
  • Porcelain toilet
  • Chrome faucets
  • Porcelain bathroom sink

These are all the features that come standard on the base price finished models. If you want higher quality features, no problem, Cornerstone will accommodate your needs.

The Cortes

This design is a 20 foot tiny house on wheels. This particular model is for the true minimalist, and offers a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Shell Units – Starts at $13,800

Finished Units – Starts at $49,000

Cornerstone Tiny Homes Review

The Vincente

This tiny house design is 24 feet long. This particular design has more of an open concept with a great room as you enter, and 2 lofts overhead for sleeping or storage. The large kitchen is set on one side of the tiny house, where the bathroom is set on the other side.

Shell Unit – Starts at $20,205

Finished Unit – Starts at $56,300

Cornerstone Tiny Homes Builder Review

The Savannah

The Savannah tiny house design is a spacious home with two large lofts. The entrance opens up into a big great room, with the kitchen and bathroom located at one end of the tiny house. This is a great home for two people to live comfortably.

Shell Unit – Starts at $21,862

Finished Units – Starts at $66,500

Cornerstone Tiny Home Review

The Fontana

The Fontana design is 28 feet long, and is a very spacious tiny home. This design has two large lofts on either end of the house, separated by a large living area in the middle. The kitchen and bathroom are located on opposite ends of the house. This design even has a set of stairs that lead up to the sleeping loft. If you want a tiny house with more living space, and a large sleeping loft, this design is right for you.

Shell Unit – Starts at $22,850

Finished Units – Starts at $73,000

Cornerstone Tiny Home Builder Review

The Abbott

The Abbott design is a 30 foot long tiny house on wheels that offers a much larger living area, with a single sleeping loft. The kitchen and bathroom are both spacious and located on one end of the house. This design also has a staircase that leads up to the large sleeping loft.

Shell Unit – $24,110

Finished Units – $78,500

Cornerstone Tiny Homes Review

The Walden

The Walden design is one of two of the largest tiny houses that Cornerstone builds. This 32 foot tiny house is not so tiny. This design is like the others with the kitchen and bathroom at one end of the house, but on the other end is a large sleeping loft, and another bedroom/office underneath the loft. If you need more space for storage or are moving a family to a tiny house, this is a great option.

Shell Unit – $26,390

Finished Unit – $82,300

Cornerstone Tiny Homes Review

The Westbury (Gooseneck)

The Westbury is the other 32 foot design that Cornerstone offers to its customers. This design is set up more like a fifth wheel travel trailer, but still has that tiny house feel. The Westbury sticks to the same plan as most of the plans they offer, with a bathroom and kitchen at one end of the tiny house, with stairs that lead to a loft on the other end of the house. This is one of the most spacious tiny houses we have seen, and is great for a couple, or small family.

Shell Unit – $27,860

Finished Unit – $83,000

Cornerstone Tiny House Review


It’s easy to see why Cornerstone Tiny Homes is one of the best tiny home builders in America. They offer multiple designs and even work with you to make sure you are getting everything that you need to live the tiny life. All of their finished products are beautiful, and stylish. If you are looking to invest in a tiny house, then check out Cornerstone Tiny Homes to start your design process. We hope this comprehensive Cornerstone Tiny Homes review has been helpful. 

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