Texas Tiny Home Builders

//Texas Tiny Home Builders

Texas Tiny Home Builders

Texas Tiny House Builders

Everything is bigger in Texas…except tiny houses of course. Are you living in the state of Texas and looking for the perfect tiny house builder? Then you’ve come to the right place! Instead of searching the internet for all the builders in your area, we put them all into one place for you! There are a variety of tiny home builders in the state of Texas to choose from. Below is our list of the most credible Texas tiny home builders! Check it out!

Nomad Tiny Homes

Nomad Tiny Homes

Nomad Tiny Homes, run by the Worlow family, have been building custom homes since 2006. It was in 2016 when they decided to shift all of their attention to building beautiful, eco-friendly tiny homes.

NTH has a variety of options to choose from, including 6 different models of custom homes ranging from $60,000 to $100,000. If you are in the market for an awesome and efficient tiny home, and you live in the state of Texas, then look no further than Nomad Tiny Homes for your new custom tiny house!

TexZen Tiny Home Company

TexZen Tiny Home Company

TexZen is a family owned, and operated tiny home builder located in beautiful Austin, Texas. This tiny house builder has been in the tiny industry for about 3 years now, and are building stunning tiny homes, backed by their excellent team of designers, and contractors.

If you are looking for a moderately priced tiny house, with the ability to work with their team to customize it the way you want, then TexZen may be the perfect option for you! Their tiny houses start around $50,000 and can go up from there, depending on your wants and needs. To learn more about TexZen Tiny Home Company, stayed tuned for our full review!

American Tiny House

American Tiny House

Located in the forests of Longview, Texas, American Tiny House is a company dedicated to building durable, efficient tiny houses for anyone looking to make the move to the tiny life. Backed by some of the top builders in the tiny house industry, ATH will make sure that you are completely satisfied with your custom build.

ATH has one of the biggest varieties of plans to choose from, with 9 different models! Not only can you have a tiny home built from one of their custom designs, but they will also build a tiny house using plans that you previously bought! If you are looking for a beautiful tiny house that’s efficient, and that will last a lifetime, then consider American Tiny House as your tiny home builder!

Small Dwelling Company

Small Dwelling Tiny Homes

Small Dwelling Company is located in Weatherford, Texas, and is dedicated to you and your needs when building a custom tiny home. A huge part of SDC, is that they don’t want to limit your choices when it comes to your new tiny house.

Even though they have 7 different models to choose from, you can still build your very own custom home. They have 5 different sizes ranging from 20 feet to 34 feet in length, and can even be built on gooseneck trailers! If you don’t want to spend the money on a finished product, you can always buy the shell at a much lower price. This allows you to have a hand in building your custom tiny home.

If you are in the market for a gorgeous custom tiny house in the state of Texas, then consider Small Dwelling Company as your new tiny house builder!

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