Arizona Tiny Home Builders

//Arizona Tiny Home Builders

Arizona Tiny Home Builders

Arizona Tiny House Builders

If you live in the state of Arizona and are looking for reliable tiny house builders near you, then we are the perfect people to help you find what you’re looking for. Acquiring the time and energy to search for a house, or house builder, can be draining. At we will take the hassle out of your house searching process, giving you all of the important details that you’ll want to know before making the big decision. Here is a list of the top Arizona tiny house builders!

Uncharted Tiny Homes

Uncharted Tiny Homes Builder

With 10 years of remodeling and building experience, UTH knows how to create charming, well built tiny houses that will stand a lifetime. These tiny homes are customizable and RVIA certified.

If you are looking for more of a vacation property and aren’t ready to jump right into the tiny house scene, Uncharted Tiny Homes is there to help you with that too. For more information, check out our Uncharted Tiny Homes Review!

Tiny Treasure Homes

Tiny Treasure Homes

Tiny Treasure Homes began with Greg Montoya and his love for vintage VW buses and tent trailers. From there Montoya continued to expand with tiny houses on wheels. Tiny Treasure Homes has continued to be a family owned business with a mission in promoting the next generation of tiny home buyers.

They offer partial or complete builds from their plans, your plans, or custom plans that can be designed collaboratively. It’s really all about your wishes and what you want to see from your tiny home. In addition, Tiny Treasure Homes offers durable tiny house trailers for those who wish to build their own dwellings. For more information, check out our Tiny Treasure Homes Review!

LuxTiny – Luxury Tiny Home Living

LuxTiny Homes are located in the White Mountains of Arizona. These tiny houses range from 162-399 square feet with a possible 144 square foot guest house. You can own your very own cabin through LuxTiny and pay through renting.

This eco-friendly community plans to offer a large walkway and community garden spanning the whole 6 acre property. Additionally, LuxTiny is more than welcoming of chicken coops, greenhouses, and solar panels.

Their average space size is over 3,500 square feet. LuxTiny wants to build and design your custom home and move it into their tiny house community for you to enjoy many years down the line. Living in the LuxTiny community will cost less than $799/mo. For more information about this company check out our LuxTiny Review!

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