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//Tennessee Tiny Home Builders

Tennessee Tiny Home Builders

Tennessee Tiny House Builders

The state of Tennessee is known for it’s beautiful Appalachian Mountains, and the Mississippi River bordering the west. The city of Nashville is rich with music, and a great place to grab a bite to eat. But what about tiny houses? Is Tennessee a good place to start a tiny house life? Tennessee’s subtropic climate is perfect for anyone looking to make the move to a tiny house, as the weather is beautiful for most parts of the year, and some of the views are breathtaking. Believe it or not, Tennessee has 3 different tiny house builders located in the state! Lets take a closer look at our list of the most credible Tennessee Tiny Home Builders below!

New Frontier Tiny Homes

NFTH launched in 2015, and has been building some of the most beautiful and efficient tiny homes in the United States. Innovation, quality, and cutting-edge design is the foundation of New Frontier Tiny Homes.

Over the years, NFTH have become experts at making the most of small amounts of space, and want to help you do the same in your new tiny house.

Their goal is to help people by supporting intentional living, economic freedom, sustainability, and affordable housing. If you are serious about making the switch to a tiny house, then consider New Frontier Tiny Homes as your new tiny house builder!

Incredible Tiny Homes

ITH was created in 2014 by Randy Jones in Morristown, Tennessee, with one goal in mind, create comfortable, and affordable tiny homes for everyone. Custom building a tiny home with Incredible Tiny Homes is like nothing else.

ITH has a large warehouse, where they conduct all of their building. ITH will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want in your custom tiny home. To learn more, check out our Incredible Tiny Homes Review!

Wind River Tiny Homes

Wind River Tiny Homes has dedicated their business to building beautiful, custom tiny homes for the people of Tennessee for years. Because WRTH does not mass produce their tiny homes, the amount of builds that they can do per year is somewhat limited. This is actually a good thing in the tiny house building community, mostly because they really work with you to make your custom dream home a reality.

Because they spend the time with you planning, and customizing, they can tend to be a bit more expensive than other tiny house builders, but the quality is unmatched.

Their tiny homes will cost anywhere between $30,000 – $100,000 depending on your wants and needs. If you are serious about building a high quality tiny house in the state of Tennessee, then consider Wind River Tiny Homes as your new tiny house builder!

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