Florida Tiny Home Builders

//Florida Tiny Home Builders

Florida Tiny Home Builders

Tiny Home Builders in Florida

Do you live in Florida? Are you looking to make the move to a tiny home? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Florida is one of the prettiest states all year round. Florida can even be a great place to vacation, or even retire to. Why not live in a tiny house there? Tiny houses have become more and more popular over the years, and more people are trying to reduce monthly bills, and their carbon footprint. What better way to do that, then to make the move to a tiny house.

We gathered all of the big names in Florida that are involved with the tiny house industry. The following is a little bit about each builder, and a full review as well! Take a look!

Sanctuary Tiny Homes

Sanctuary Tiny Homes is a tiny house builder located in DeBary, Florida. This company has plenty of options to choose from if you are making the move to a tiny house.

You can choose from 3 different house plans, custom build your own unique tiny home, or purchase a shell to finish the inside build yourself! If you are looking for beauty and simplicity all in one house, then consider Sanctuary Tiny Homes as your tiny home builder!

Cornerstone Tiny Homes

Located in Southwest Florida, Cornerstone Tiny Homes is another up and coming tiny house builder in America. With plenty of different models and options to choose from, you are bound to build the home of your dreams with Cornerstone.

CTH provides you 7 different models of tiny homes! If you don’t want to spend extra money on a completed unit, all of the houses they build can be purchased as shells, so you can have a hand in building your own tiny house, along with saving some money on the interior. To learn more, check out our Cornerstone Tiny Homes Review!

Core Housing Solutions

CHS is located in Tavares, Florida, and is providing customers with extremely affordable tiny homes starting around $28,000! They have a couple different models to choose from, including the Dragonfly and Firefly tiny homes.

These tiny houses are around 200 square feet and can be built from 24 feet to 36 feet on a mobile trailer. If you live in Florida, and you are looking for a more affordable way to make the move to a tiny house, then consider Core Housing Solutions as your new tiny house builder!

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