Oregon Tiny Home Builders

//Oregon Tiny Home Builders

Oregon Tiny Home Builders

Oregon Tiny Home Builders

If you live in the beautiful state of Oregon and are searching for tiny house companies near you, then you have come to the right place. Searching for houses and builders can be exhausting. Here at tinyhouselife.org we want to make your tiny house searching experience as convenient as possible, so let us do all the work for you! Here is a list of the top rated Oregon Tiny House Builders.

Handcrafted Movement

Handcraft Movement Tiny House

Handcrafted Movement has a mission that is dedicated to reinventing American quality, putting more effort forth toward manufacturing and expanding their creativity.

Founder of Handcrafted Movement, Matt Impola, has spent over a decade of his life working in the construction industry. He has built over one thousand residential homes, making him a skilled and experienced professional.

On top of his work in construction, Matt is a seasoned traveler. Through his experiences he gained new perspectives on designing and building, and wanted to use his new found standards and materials in his own development strategies.

Matt, and all of Handcrafted Movement likes to go against the grain. They strive to create true, one-of-a-kind homes that will be stylish, personal, and most importantly functional. For more information, check out our Handcrafted Movement Review!

Tiny Mountain Houses

Tiny Mountain Houses

Tiny Mountain Houses want you to be able to sit back and relax. They understand that life can be hectic and that home should be a peaceful and soothing place for you to go. Their mission at Tiny Mountain House is to offer you affordability, comfort, and craftsmanship.

No matter your economic status, this company wants to help you create the tiny home of your dreams without having to sacrifice the quality. Tiny Mountain Houses wants to give you all the beautiful details that you desire, while still remaining sturdy enough to take on the road.

From lofted ceilings to cozy one-level floor plans, this company will work with your needs to create the best tiny house for you. For more information, check out Tiny Mountain Houses. Serious about purchasing  home with TMH? Make sure to use our code ROSE004 for $750.00 off the purchase of your new tiny house!

Tiny Smart House

Tiny Smart House

Founded in 2012 by Nathaniel Light Watson in Albany, Oregon, Tiny Smart House offers durable, sustainable, and affordable tiny homes that will be fit to meet the specific needs of each and every client.

This company is licensed and certified to build RV trailers, ready-made homes, park models, residential homes, and secondary suits. Tiny Smart House offers shells, design services, documents for construction, or fully furnished homes. They want to help you by fitting your needs.

Overall, the goal of Tiny Smart House is to get people to live simply, sustainably and debt free. They want their clients to have everything in their new tiny homes suited completely to their lifestyle and needs. For more information, check out our Tiny Smart House Review!

Oregon Cottage Company

Oregon Cottage Company

The owner of Oregon Cottage Company has his B.A. in architecture from Kent State university, with a strong aim to design and build with organic materials. He teaches workshops specifically geared toward showing people the uses of unorthodox construction techniques like natural plasters, cob, straw bale, and rammed earth.

The mission of the Oregon Cottage Company is to create renewable, sustainable, and if possible, post consumer products. These tiny houses with be crafted with the highest quality and will avoid paints and other toxins that are so often found within the home.

Finally, Oregon Cottage Company guarantees that you will have a stunning, fully functional home built right on schedule. For more information, check out our Oregon Cottage Company Review!

Shelter Wise

Shelter Wise Tiny House Builder

Shelter Wise is a tiny house company formed in 2012 and located in Portland, Oregon. Formerly a build firm, Shelter Wise now provides tiny home building plan sets, encouraging people to go out and build their own tiny houses.

Shelter Wise has a craving to create comfortable, creative, and charming tiny homes that will be as energy efficient as possible. The size for these beautiful dwellings will be under eight hundred square feet. For more information, check out our Shelter Wise Review!

PAD Tiny Houses

PAD Tiny Houses

PAD Tiny Houses, otherwise known as Portland Alternative Dwellings, strives to connect do-it-yourselfers to the instruction and resources needed in order to create an impeccable tiny home that will last them a lifetime.

They offer educational workshops, construction plans, and ebooks that have been successful with thousands of people looking to build their tiny homes on wheels.

PAD ultimately wants to show people the benefits and advantages of the tiny house movement. On top of all of this, PAD is partnered with Shelter Wise to show their customers the amazing DIY designs that are created by them. For more information, check out our PAD Tiny Houses Review!

Thimble Homes

Thimble Homes Tiny House Builder

Located in Newberg, Oregon, Thimble Homes, LLC, is a component supplier and custom tiny house builder that is here to help you materialize your housing needs. They offer not only foundations, but tiny home starter units and steel frames as well.

The mission of Thimble Homes is to create a safe and sturdy living environment that also fits your style. Customization is no problem with Thimble Homes! They simply want to ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for, finished or DIY, and that it’s safe and dependable. For more information, check out our Thimble Homes Review!

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