New Mexico Tiny Home Builders

//New Mexico Tiny Home Builders

New Mexico Tiny Home Builders

New Mexico Tiny Home Builders

New Mexico is located in the southwest region of the United States, and is covered in beautiful mountains, and white sand deserts. The warm weather would help make New Mexico the perfect place to start your tiny house life. Are you looking for your future New Mexico tiny home builder?

Take a look below at all of the credible tiny construction companies that New Mexico has to offer!

Southwest Tiny Homes

Southwest Tiny Homes

Southwest Tiny Homes is located in Williamsburg, New Mexico, and is owned by Steve Villines, a 40 plus year master builder. The goal of SWTH is to simplify your life. SWTH builds custom tiny homes that leave small footprints, and that are extremely eco-friendly.

Living the tiny house life is more about connecting with nature, and less about making mortgage payments. Wouldn’t you rather spend more time with friends and family then working more for a large house payment?

Southwest Tiny Homes wants to help you build your new custom tiny home, furthermore, giving you the option of 12 different floor plans to choose from! All of the tiny homes by SWTH are built on durable steel trailers, and also have steel framework.

Not only will your custom tiny house withstand the test of time, but it will also cost you much less than a normal sized house. 

The starting price of their homes will run you around $18,000, and can go up rom there, depending on amenities. Most fully finished units from SWTH will cost about $80,000.

If you are in the market for an awesome tiny home, and you live in the state of New Mexico, consider Southwest Tiny Homes as your new tiny construction company!

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