Mississippi Tiny Home Builders

//Mississippi Tiny Home Builders

Mississippi Tiny Home Builders

Mississippi Tiny Home Builders

Mississippi is one of America’s southern most states, and is known for It’s history, beautiful sceneries, and of course, the Mississippi River. Located on the northern part of the Gulf Of Mexico, Mississippi could be a great place to start building your new tiny house life.  Lets check out all of the credible Mississippi tiny home builders, so you can start designing the tiny house of your dreams!


Tiny House Life Space

THLS is located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and has built their entire business around sustainability, and creativity.

By building their own tiny house brand, THLS have been able to help their customers build something unique, and efficient.

With the help of their awesome architect James Polk, they have been able to offer multiple customizations for each tiny house, based on the customers needs.

Not only can you build a completely custom tiny house with Tiny House Life Space, but you can also build and buy Garden Houses, and Studio Homes.

Are you serious about making the move to a tiny house? Make sure you check out Tiny House Life Space, and consider them as your new tiny house builder!

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