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//Hawaii Tiny Home Builders

Hawaii Tiny Home Builders

“Wale Hale” are the words Hawaiians would use to describe a Tiny House. The island of Hawaii is nothing short of beautiful, and what better way to enjoy that beauty then to live in a tiny house! Even though Hawaii is an island in the middle of the Pacific, there are still tiny house enthusiasts that dwell there. Thankfully, if you are trying to build, or buy a tiny house for your move to Hawaii, or maybe you’re just downsizing to something smaller, then you have some options! Instead of searching the internet for the best tiny house builders in Hawaii, we put all of the top builders in one place for you! Take a look at all the options for tiny builders in Hawaii, and a review on each builder!

Habitats Hawaii

HH is a tiny house builder located on the Big Island of Hawaii, and has 6 different models of tiny houses to choose from! Each model of tiny houses that HH builds, has its own unique beauty.

Each model from HH sits on a trailer for easy transportation, and also come equipped for solar power systems, if you’d rather power your home from the sun. Are you are in the market for a beautiful, efficient tiny home? Consider Habitats Hawaii as your new tiny house builder!

Tiny Pacific Houses

Tiny Pacific Houses, or TPH, is a tiny house builder located in Honolulu, Hawaii. TPH is another great company bringing the spirit of Hawaii to the inside of a tiny house. TPH have multiple options to choose from when building or buying a tiny home.

If you are looking to customize your own tiny home, buy a pre-built model, or DIY, Tiny Pacific Homes has you covered. Working with their team of expert builders will have you living in the tiny house of your dreams in no time!

Island Tiny Homes

Located in Kula, Hawaii Island Tiny Homes is one of the more affordable tiny home builder options you have. ITH has 3 different pre-built models that you can choose from when building a tiny home with them. If you would like to have a hand in building your custom tiny house, then you can also just buy the shell from ITH, and complete the inside yourself!

If you are in the market for a towable tiny home, with Hawaii’s beauty, mixed with modern day efficiency, then consider Island Tiny Homes as your new tiny house builder!

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