Georgia Tiny Home Builders

//Georgia Tiny Home Builders

Georgia Tiny Home Builders

If you live in the state of Georgia and are searching for the right tiny house builder near you, then you have come to the right place.

Looking for houses, especially if you’re trying to have one custom built, can be difficult and time consuming. There are so many different options and avenues to take. At we will do all of the time consuming work for you. Here is a list of the most highly praised Georgia tiny home builders!

Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

Located just outside of Atlanta, MSTH is a high end, affordable tiny house company that emphasizes the importance of craftsmanship. These tiny houses are built for those looking to go modern. Mustard Seed also sells custom trailers and different stages of tiny house shells for those of you that are do-it-yourselfers. Whatever your wishes are, Mustard Seed is there to support you on your journey of going small.

The “Seed” in Mustard Seed is also very significant, standing for seed of hope that you will plant when you purchase a tiny home from this company. A portion of the profit from each tiny house sold will be divided out to help those locally and internationally with housing needs.

In the local area, Mustard Seed Tiny Houses is partnered with Ground Zero Grace, a non-profit organization located in Atlanta. Their mission is to help serve the disabled, the elderly, and families that are in need of support in the surrounding area.

Internationally, MSTH is partnered with Ithemba Shacks in Cape Town, South Africa. This partnership trains and employs the local people men from Masiphumelele, a township near Cape Town, to create new homes for families in the community that are struggling. For more information, check out our Mustard Seed Tiny House Review!

Free Range Tiny Homes

Free Range Tiny Homes

Free Range Tiny Homes has a large passion for the tiny house movement. This company loves to build unique structures and has over thirty years of combined experience in the trailer building and construction industries.

With this experience under their belts, the design and building team of Free Range Tiny Homes wants to work to fit your individual needs. This company emphasizes quality and the importance of making you, the tiny house owner, happy and secure with your new space.

Their shop visits are made by appointment only. To learn more, check out our Free Range Tiny Homes Review!

Hummingbird Tiny Housing

Hummingbird Tiny Housing

For over eight years Hummingbird Tiny Housing has been creating and delivering individualized, homey, and affordable tiny houses all across the United States.

This company was one of the first tiny house builders to arise in the Southeast, and with 38 years of experience this business is still up and booming. Hummingbird Tiny Housing built their first tiny home, Sage, in 2010. She is 22ft long, 8.6 wide, 13.6 high, and has 252 square feet.

The owners of Hummingbird Tiny Housing put Sage in their backyard, occasionally taking her on trips to the lake. Eventually they used her as an office and lunch area when their tiny house site was getting started.

As time passed by they decided that they would move into the tiny home full time. By doing this, the owners of Hummingbird Tiny Housing were able to talk about the benefits and issues that they were having during their process of downsizing. They realized that by living small they could help others that were also looking to live more modestly.

In 2016 they officially went full time tiny and they have not looked back since. Having been through the experience of moving into a tiny home from a traditional home, Hummingbird Tiny Housing opening up a window of opportunity to those that are looking into the tiny house community, but are unsure of what to expect when downsizing. They currently live in Danville, Georgia, where they are continuing to develop their tiny house community. For more information, check out our Hummingbird Tiny Housing Review!

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