BMarko Structures Shipping Container Home Builder Review

//BMarko Structures Shipping Container Home Builder Review

BMarko Structures Shipping Container Home Builder Review

BMarko Structures Shipping Container Home Builder Review

BMarko Structures is a modular construction company that has built shipping container homes, hospitality buildings, and has even done shipping container modifications. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, BMarko Structures has three different divisions for each of their works, shipping container modifications, steel modulars, and wood modulars.

BMarko’s goal is to have as much completed in their factory before shipping your modular home. Having all of the innards in place before shipping makes things easier when it comes to over-running costs, construction delays, and common mistakes made when building your typical wood home.

In this BMarko Structures Container Home Builder Review, I will go through some of the things that defines Bmarko, and why you should consider them as your new shipping container home builder, so stick around!

The 3 Divisions Of BMarko Structures

BMarko is split up into three different divisions, tackling many different angles of the shipping container home industry. In this section I will breakdown each division that Bmarko Structures manages, and what separates them from each other. Lets take a look.

Modifying Shipping Containers

In this day and age, it is very important to improve efficiency and cut costs wherever possible. This is one of the main reasons why many people are switching over to shipping container, or modular homes. These structures are durable, and can last the tests of time. Lets take a look at a couple reasons why shipping containers are perfect for home modifications.


Shipping containers are the perfect structure to modify for any purpose. When working with a shipping container home builder, like BMarko, you can expect them to work with you, so that all of your needs and goals are met.


The compact design, and constant use over the road, makes shipping containers one of the easier tiny living spaces to transport. This can even be done when all of the modifications are applied to the home.

Quick To Build

Shipping containers are relatively easy to customize, this makes the process of building move along a little bit quicker than a normal home, or a tiny house made from wood. Because you are using a container as your frame, you don’t have to waste a ton of time building the shell of your new home.


Shipping containers are built to withstand the high waters of the sea, and harsh transporting conditions. Naturally, if you are using a shipping container as a shell to your new tiny house, you can be certain that your structure will battle through high winds, and even hurricanes, to last a lifetime.

Choosing Your Modification

BMarko has three different units to choose from when beginning your modification. Lets take a closer look at each unit that they offer.

Commercial Mods

If you are a business looking for a structure that is durable and easy to maintain, then the commercial modification may be the right option for you, and your company. Shipping containers tend to take less time to modify, and this is great news for business owners. This allows you to get started working on your project sooner, and even make your money back on your investment faster. Below are a couple instances where commercial modifications would be a perfect match…

  • Press Box
  • Offices
  • Food Vendors
  • Classrooms
  • Restaurants

Industrial Mods

Because shipping containers are extremely easy to build out, and ship, companies are using more and more of them for work site buildings. BMarko Structures are professionals at modifying and shipping these small spaces to companies in little time so businesses can reach their goals quicker. These small spaces are perfect for…

  • Control Rooms
  • Storing Battery Units
  • Water Treatment Buildings

Multi-Unit Mods

Stacking multiple shipping containers on top of each other has become more popular over the years. Doing so, you can create some of the coolest looking tiny houses you have ever seen. Not only will they look unique, but they will also be extremely durable, and last a lifetime. This growing trend of stacked Lego’s is a perfect option for multiple families, or even an eco-friendly apartment building.

Customizable Options

Interior Finishes/Insulation


HVAC Units






Lock Mechanisms

Steel Modulars

BMarko’s Steel Modular division allows them to build high quality, efficient steel modulars with an extremely high tolerance (1/16”) in their facility. The 3D module allows them to finish the final touches in their factory, before shipping to your location. That means all of the furniture, fixtures, and even the TV can be mounted before sending it on it’s way.

Wood Modulars

Like the steel modules, the wood module division works in the same fashion. BMarko spends valuable time in their facility building out a custom wood living space, with your goals and living needs in mind. Because all of their modulars are built in their facility, quality control is easily managed. This makes the building process move quicker, and more smoothly, so you can have your new modular home in no time.

In Conclusion

BMarko Structures is a great company to contact if you are looking for a customizable modular home, a temporary office building, a small space to sell products or food, and even a rentable apartment building. No matter what your needs and goals are for building your new tiny house, BMarko is sure to satisfy. Let us know what you think about shipping container homes, and if you have ever purchased a product through BMarko. I hope you enjoyed this shipping container home builder review! Thanks for reading!

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