Best Electric Space Heater Options For Your Tiny House

//Best Electric Space Heater Options For Your Tiny House

Best Electric Space Heater Options For Your Tiny House

Best Electric Space Heater Options For Your Tiny House

Electric space heaters are an affordable way to zone heat any part of your tiny house, garage, or backyard villa that aren’t hooked up to your HVAC system. In this Best Electric Space Heater Options For Your Tiny House (Buy Guide and Reviews 2019), I will breakdown some of the most frequently asked questions, and explain to you important details you should know before purchasing an electric space heater.

Types Of Electric Space Heaters

I’m sure that you’ve come across all kinds of different space heater options, whether that be electric or gas. Most people don’t know that there are many different types of electric heating, and they are all known for their own pros and cons. Lets touch on each kind of electric space heater you can purchase on the market.

Ceramic Heat

Ceramic heating is a very popular method when it comes to space heating. Inside of a ceramic heater, there are ceramic plates that generate the heat. These plates are then connected to coils made from metal. When the coils get hot, the fan blows over the ceramic plates, causing hot air to move throughout the room.

The ceramic type heaters are a great way to get a small area of your home warm quickly. Not only are they quick at heating rooms up, but they are also one of the more efficient types of heaters you can buy. One downfall of the ceramic space heaters is that it may have a tendency of dropping the relative humidity of the room.

Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is another very popular method used for electric heaters. These heaters use oil to produce the heat. The oil used in these space heaters flow in a leak-proof system, that way you never have to add oil.

Heat is sent to the oil from a heating element. As the oil gets hot, it flows around the heaters pipes, sending the heat radiantly throughout the room. Even though radiant heaters may take more time to heat a room, there are still benefits to using them. These heaters are typically quiet because they use no fan, and they also are cool to the touch, making them safe for kids and pets.

Convection Heat

Convection heating is very similar to ceramic heating, as they both use coils and fans to heat rooms. With convection heating, electricity passes through the coils for heat, which is then distributed throughout the room via blower.

The best benefits of convection heating is that they can heat rooms very quickly, and the heat that’s generated lasts longer than other kinds of electric heaters.

Infrared Heat

Infrared space heaters use heating elements, commonly placed inside of a quartz tube. When the element heats up, the quartz tube expands. The tube then releases heat which is pushed throughout the room using a fan.

With infrared heat, those sitting close will absorb the heat, leaving very little heat in the air. Infrared space heaters can be extremely energy efficient, and are also one of the safer types of electric heaters on the market.

Fan Forced Heat

If you are looking to heat a small area in your home, then fan forced heaters can do the trick. Like many of the electric heaters that use fans to blow the hot air, the fan forced heaters can be loud. Even so, If you need a fast acting, evenly spreading heater, then fan forced heaters will work in a pinch.

The Benefits Of Electric Space Heaters

The following are some of the things that I think are beneficial from running a space heater, besides the obvious, which is warming up a room.

They’re Portable

You probably aren’t going to use your space heater to warm a large room, therefore, they are typically smaller, and weigh virtually nothing. Moving the electric space heaters is very simple, allowing you to add a little extra heat to a big room, or moving it with you to the bedroom at night.

Quick Heating

Unlike wood burners, or gas fireplaces, electric space heaters can warm rooms quickly. If your electric space heater is equipped with a fan, you can have a small room nice and toasty in minutes.

Are They Noisy?

Typically, electric space heaters are quiet, even those that are equipped with fans. If you’re like me, you don’t want to listen to a loud blower while your heater runs. Of course, some electric space heaters are loud, but for the most part, heaters on the market will operate quietly.

Great For Emergencies

You never know when the old heating system might go in your house. Thankfully with electric space heaters, you can produce some warmth if your heating system goes down on the weekend.

Money Saving

Electric space heaters can help you to save some extra money on your monthly utility bill. Most electric heaters use very little wattage compared to your whole house HVAC system. This can result in lower bills. You can also space heat rooms you’re using, instead of heating the whole house, or rooms that aren’t in use.

Electric Space Heater Options For Your Tiny House

We put together some of the best deals, and options on electric space heaters for your tiny house. Check out each product, and read the full review below!

EconoHome Wall Mount Heating Panel

The ultra thin and compact design of the electric panel heater allows for discreet wall mounting keeping your floor space free. This product is very easy to install, and includes all of the necessary hardware.

After the product is installed, it can be painted to match your wall color, making it easy to blend into your home decor. This heater has no moving parts, no heating elements exposed, and uses no gas. Read the EconoHome Wall Mount Heating Panel Review!    

Duraflame Portable Heater With Adjustable Thermostat

If you are having issues with floor space, don’t fret. The Duraflame portable heater can be picked up and moved easily, allowing for heat to move wherever needed in your house. The compact design and heat output makes for a perfect heater in any tiny house. Check out the full review of the Duraflame Portable Heater Here!

Lasko Ceramic Portable Tower Heater

The 1500-Watt portable ceramic tower heater is perfect for any room in your tiny house, and available at a great price.

It is important to know the dimensions of the heater you choose. Lasko’s tower design is perfect for compact spaces and smaller rooms. The oscillating tower makes sure the heat is spread evenly throughout the room, as a result keeping you toasty in the colder months.

Equipped with auto overheat protection, and a self regulating ceramic element, to ensure safety. To read the full review on the Lasko Portable Tower Heater click here!

LifeSmart SlimLine Heater

LifeSmarts SlimLine Heater is perfect for any room in your tiny house. The slim design allows for a flush placement against the wall, and can even be mounted. With it’s large LED display, and its electronic thermostat, this heater is sure to keep your small room warm in the winter. To read the full review on the LifeSmart SlimLine Heater, click here!

Apollo Space Heater By Aerus

If you don’t mind spending the extra money, the Apollo Space Heater is well worth it. With it’s large LED display and oscillating motion, it is a perfect space heater for any tiny house. This heater will warm a 1500 square foot room, and is also equipped with two fan speeds and an emergency shutoff incase of overheating. For the full review on the Apollo Space Heater click here!

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