EconoHome Wall Mounted Heating Panel Review

//EconoHome Wall Mounted Heating Panel Review

EconoHome Wall Mounted Heating Panel Review

EconoHome Wall Mounted Heating Panel Review

Finding the right heat source in the winter months can be difficult. What kind of heat do I want? How much will I spend? How effective is the heater? Can I use the unit to heat my entire house? These are all the questions you need to ask yourself before making a purchase on a new heater.

The EconoHome Wall Mounted Heating Panel is the perfect heat source for smaller rooms. This 400 Watt panel heater will sufficiently heat a 200 square foot room, and save you money on heating costs every month!

This particular heating unit uses convection heat. The convection style heater is sure to use 1/3 the electricity of any other conventional space heater, and keeps the room temperature at the perfect level.

Not only does this heater provide excellent heat, but it also is slim and can be wall mounted, so that your already used up floor space isn’t compromised. When living in a tiny house, or small apartment you want to utilize your space to maximum potential. This makes the EconoHome Wall Mounted Heating Panel the perfect option

In this article I will breakdown the EconoHome Wall Mounted Heating Panel, and present to you enough information so you can decide if this space heater is right for you!

EconoHome Wall Mounted Heating Panel on Amazon

How Does Convection Heat Work?

The wall mounted heaters use convection currents that are emitted from the back of the panel, creating a constant temperature. Air is then pushed over the convection element, circulating warm air throughout the space.

The convection style heater is able to warm the room quickly, and can maintain a higher room temperature, using less electricity than a standard space heater.

The Heater That Blends In

If space is tight in your home, and you don’t want an obtrusive unit sitting in the middle of the floor, then this wall mounted heater is perfect for you.

Not only can you conserve floor space, but you can also paint the convection heater any color you want using water-based paint. This allows the heater to blend in with your decor.

Save Money On Your Energy Bills

The EconoHome Panel heaters have extremely low running costs, and are designed to be running of extended periods of time. A conventional space heater can run up energy bills, but the EconoHome will cut energy costs by 50%.

Another way to save more money is to use the panel heater for zone heating, and heat the rooms that are most used. This eliminates unused heat in places of the house that are unoccupied. Every little bit goes a long way if you’re looking to save money on heating.

Suffering From Allergies? No Worries

The EconoHome Electric panel heater has no fan, making it perfect for those suffering from Allergies, or Asthma. This also helps with the accumulation of dust. It prevents heat irritation, and congestion, allowing comfort for infants, animals, or adults.

EconoHome Electric Panel Heater Specifications

Votls: 120

Watts: 400

Heating Capacity: 200 square feet

Dimensions: 1/4 inch x 23.5” x 23.5”

BTUs: 1,364

Cord Length: 6 feet

Weight: 16 lbs

Color: White (can be painted)

Material: Ceramic

Customer Reviews

Product reviews are a great way to research the right electric heater. So we took to Amazon to see what the people had to say.

Econohome Electric Panel Heater

Out of 157 reviews on Amazon, 116 were positive, and 41 were critical. It seems as if the majority of those who purchased this product were very pleased.

Top Positive Amazon Review:  This customer was very happy with the way the product worked. They ordered 4 units! Unfortunately one was cracked on arrival, but was replaced in no time. They would recommend this to anyone.

Top Critical Amazon Review: This customer was actually pleased with the way the unit worked, saying the heat was perfect for their bedroom, unfortunately the unit smelled for a few weeks while on, and developed cracks that weren’t there when installed. Even though there were defects, the product still worked.

EconoHome Wall Mounted Heating Panel on Amazon

In Conclusion

The EconoHome Electric Panel Heater is a great zone heater for a small room or tiny house, but isn’t ideal for heating a whole house unlike Mini-split Systems. If you need a little bit of added warmth in the cooler months, tight on floor space, and want to save money on your energy bill then the EconoHome Electric Panel Heater may be right for you! If you would like to check out more heating options click here! Thanks for reading!

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