LifeSmart Slimline Electric Heater Review

//LifeSmart Slimline Electric Heater Review

LifeSmart Slimline Electric Heater Review

LifeSmart Slimline Electric Heater Review

The LifeSmart Slimline Electric Heater is the perfect zone heating unit for any tiny house. If you are looking to add a little extra heat to your home in the winter, without compromising floor space, then this space heater will work for you. In this LifeSmart Slimline Electric Heater review I will breakdown all of  the features so you can decide if this electric heater is right for you.

LifeSmart Slimline Electric Space Heater on Amazon

Product Description

The LifeSmart Slimline Electric Heater combines the power of an optimized heating chamber, along with infrared heating elements to deliver more heat faster than normal infrared heaters.

Many space heaters will dry out the rooms air. The LifeSmart Electric heater uses infrared quartz tubes to produce soft, radiant heat in order to keep the rooms oxygen and humidity levels normal.

Most radiant heaters need to be placed at least 18 inches from a wall, but with the LifeSmart Slimline electric heater, you can place it directly against the wall, thanks to the heaters front vent. There are also brackets for mounting to the wall if you need to conserve more floor space.

This electric heater comes equipped with three different heat settings, a 12 hour timer, an energy saving mode, and a remote control for easy setting changes from afar.

If zone heating is how you intend on keeping your house or room warm when it gets cold, then the LifeSmart Slimline Electric Heater is an excellent option.

Product Features

You can expect the following when you purchase the LifeSmart Slimline Electric Heater

  • Quickly produced heat from 2 mica heating elements
  • 3 different heat settings, eco mode for a constant 68 degrees, 1,000 Watt, and 1,500 Watt
  • Remote control with LED (2AAA batteries not included)
  • Save money on energy consumption by zone heating
  • Digital Thermostat, and 12 hour timer

Additional Product Information

Item Weight: 17 lbs

Shipping Weight: 25 lbs

Dimensions: 26.6 x 19 x 9 inches

Manufacturer: LifeSmart


Customer Reviews

Reading reviews can be a great way to find out how well a product worked for someone else. Searching the internet for reviews can be tedious, and time consuming, so we did it for you! The following is a breakdown of the top positive and top critical reviews on Amazon…

Lifesmart Slimline Electric Space Heater

Out of 9 customer reviews on Amazon, 7 were positive, and 2 were critical.

Top Positive Amazon Review: This customer was pleased with the way it has worked so far. They used this heater to heat a mobile home living area. The heater is very quiet, and produces an ample amount of heat.

Top Critical Amazon Review: This customer was dissatisfied with the blower on this electric heater. The heat is only directed upwards, and a little too noisy for a bedroom. Though the heater does put out good heat.

As you can see the majority of customers that purchased the LifeSmart Slimline Electric Heater were satisfied, and would recommend this product to others.

LifeSmart Slimline Electric Space Heater on Amazon

In Conclusion

The Slimline Electric Space Heater by LifeSmart is the perfect heater for any room in your house. Whether you live in an apartment, or a tiny house, this heater can be used to add a little more heat in the winter months. There are plenty of options for electric space heaters on the market, so if this product isn’t right for you, search more here! Thanks for reading.

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