Lasko Ceramic Portable Tower Heater Review

//Lasko Ceramic Portable Tower Heater Review

Lasko Ceramic Portable Tower Heater Review

Lasko Ceramic Portable Tower Heater Review

When it comes to zone heating in your home, there are few options better than electric space heaters. The Lasko ceramic portable tower heater is sure to keep your living space nice and toasty in the winter.

Equipped with ceramic elements, and a strong oscillating fan, the Lasko tower heater pushes heat throughout any room in your home.

In this Lasko Ceramic Portable Tower Heater review we will break down all of the features that the heater has to offer, and why this space heater made our top list of electric heaters for your tiny house.

Lasko Portable Electric Tower Heater on Amazon

Who Is Lasko?

Henry Lasko founded his company in 1906 in the city of Philadelphia, expanding his business into small appliances as America made the move to the suburbs.

The Lasko Company was becoming well known for their fans and small portable heaters, they opened multiple manufactures in Texas and Tennessee.

Lasko is proud to be known as one of the largest small appliance businesses in the US, and stand behind their hard work, innovation, and their dedication to upholding a standard of excellence.

Lasko Tower Heater Features

Controls That Are Easy To Use

The digital display and controls for the Lasko space heater are conveniently placed at the top of the unit, making it easy to read the temperature, and make adjustments. Here you will find your temperature display, the timer, and your low, high, and auto heat settings.

The Remote Control

The remote control is great for making changes to your heater from across the room. On the remote control, you will find 6 buttons, allowing you to control all of the fans features. The options on your remote include power on/off, temperature up/down, heat setting high/low, and the oscillation/timer

Safety Is Important

Electric heaters, or any heater for that matter, always pose the threat of fires. Making sure that your electric heater is equipped with safety features to prevent fires is key.

The Lasko electric heater is cool to the touch on the outside, and has an auto off safety feature incase the unit is left on for too long.

Save More Floor Space

The Lasko electric heater design allows you to place the heater in small spaces, conserving floor space, and keeping the room warm during those cold winter months. If you live in a tiny house or apartment, the tower design is perfect.

The Lasko Electric Tower Heater Product Information

  • 3 settings
  • 1500 Watts
  • Timer and Adjustable Thermostat
  • Remote Control

Product Dimensions: 23.6 x 8.6 x 7.6 inches

Product Weight: 8.75 lbs

Shipping Weight: 9.15 lbs


Manufacturer: Lasko

Lasko Portable Electric Tower Heater on Amazon

Customer Reviews

If you search the internet, you will find a massive amount of reviews on the Lasko Electric Space Heater. We took the time to do some research for you, and broke down all the reviews from Amazon.

Lasko Portable Electric Tower Heater

Out of 6,368 reviews, 5,107 were positive and 1,261 were critical. This is extremely encouraging, and is obvious that most of the people that purchased this electric heater were very satisfied.

Amazon Top Positive Review: This customer purchased the Lasko Electric Heater for their 400 square foot room. Because of it’s size, they were nervous, but the heater proved them wrong. The small space heater provided ample heat, and they have since moved it to their garage. They would recommend this product to anyone!

Amazon Top Critical Review: The Amazon customer was pleased with the electric heater for the first few weeks, but noticed that the plug was getting too hot, and as a result, they were afraid of a fire, so they opted to not use the heater anymore.

Lasko Portable Electric Tower Heater on Amazon


As you can see, the Lasko Electric Heater is perfect for any room of the house, and provides plenty of heat in the winter months. With digital display, and a remote control, this small non-obtrusive heater is perfect for tiny house dwellers, or even those who live in apartments.

If you are in the market for a small space heater with more than enough power, then take a deeper look into the Lasko Ceramic Portable Tower Heater. Thanks for reading!

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