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I recently made the move from Pennsylvania to acquire 40 acres of land in Central Florida. Living as a minimalist, passionate about wildlife, and the outdoors. Starting a journey to tiny house living, and sharing the experiences along the way. Studied at The Art Institute Of Pittsburgh -Digital Media Productions -Photography Studied At NCST -Certified Welder -Blogger -Buisness owner -Outdoorman

Pennsylvania Tiny Home Builders

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Pennsylvania Tiny Home Builders Located in the North East region of the United States, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is rich with history, and beautiful sceneries, in The Appalachian Mountains. PA may be one of the most beautiful places to build and buy a tiny house, mostly because they have all four [...]

Texas Tiny Home Builders

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Texas Tiny Home Builders Everything is bigger in Texas…except tiny houses of course. Are you living in the state of Texas and looking for the perfect tiny house builder? Then you’ve come to the right place! Instead of searching the internet for all the builders in your area, we put them [...]

Idaho Tiny Home Builders

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Idaho Tiny Home Builders Are you looking to start your new tiny house life in the state of Idaho? Then you've come to the right place! Idaho is one of the northernmost states in the U.S. and has a variety of landscapes, from beautiful mountains, to forest’s and streams. To me, [...]

Hawaii Tiny Home Builders

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Hawaii Tiny Home Builders “Wale Hale” are the words Hawaiians would use to describe a Tiny House. The island of Hawaii is nothing short of beautiful, and what better way to enjoy that beauty then to live in a tiny house! Even though Hawaii is an island in the middle of [...]

Florida Tiny Home Builders

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Florida Tiny Home Builders Do you live in Florida? Are you looking to make the move to a tiny home? Then you’ve come to the right place! Florida is one of the prettiest states all year round. Florida can even be a great place to vacation, or even retire to. Why [...]

Alabama Tiny Home Builders

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Alabama Tiny Home Builders If you live in the state of Alabama, and you're looking to make the move to a tiny house, then you've come to the right place! Finding the right tiny home builder, or the right plan to build your own tiny house can be time consuming. We [...]

Harmony Tiny Homes Builder Review

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Harmony Tiny Homes Builder Review Harmony Tiny Homes is a tiny house builder located in Oxford, Alabama, with one goal in mind, create beautiful, and efficient tiny homes. HTH are professionals when it comes to providing customers with their very own unique tiny house. To them, the tiny house movement has [...]

BMarko Structures Shipping Container Home Builder Review

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BMarko Structures Shipping Container Home Builder Review BMarko Structures is a modular construction company that has built shipping container homes, hospitality buildings, and has even done shipping container modifications. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, BMarko Structures has three different divisions for each of their works, shipping container modifications, steel modulars, and wood [...]

Timbercraft Tiny Homes Builder Review

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Timbercraft Tiny Homes Builder Review Timbercraft Tiny Homes was created in Guntersville, Alabama by owner and founder, Doug Schroeder in 2014. Schroeder is known for designing custom luxury tiny homes at prices that can be attainable with your budget. What Timbercraft Tiny Homes Offer Timbercraft Tiny Homes delivers all across the [...]