Perfect Aire Ductless Mini Split System Review

//Perfect Aire Ductless Mini Split System Review

Perfect Aire Ductless Mini Split System Review

Perfect Aire Ductless Mini Split System Review

Perfect Aire has been in business since 2009, and has continued to grow into a large privately owned company over the years. Because they are privately owned, their service and support is top-notch. They believe in creating improved products with their technology, and streamlining the buying and shipping process. This makes things easier, and more comfortable in your home.

The one thing that Perfect Aire has been providing home owners for 10 years, and is why you’re here, is mini split systems. Perfect Aire Ductless Mini Split Systems are the perfect unit for heating and cooling your tiny house, all while saving money on your monthly bills. Mini Splits are efficient, fair priced, and require little or no ductwork.

In this review I will break down all of the specs and features that the Perfect Aire mini split systems have to offer, and give you my opinion on the best prices for their models, and where to find them! Continue reading to learn more!

Perfect Aire Features

The following is a breakdown of all the features you can find on the Perfect Aire Mini Split Systems.

The Golden Fin

The special coating on all of the indoor and outdoor units helps to fight off nasty weather and corrosive elements such as rain, or salty air. This improves the heating efficiency, and accelerates the process of defrosting.

Air Flow 360

The fan on the flow panel has the capability of providing fast, and equal air to all parts of the room. Having heat and air conditioning in all directions is a must!

Turbo Charged

Perfect Aire Units are sure to maximize the heating and cooling output capacity to obtain a desired temperature, in little or no time at all.

The Heat Pump

The heat pump on all of the Perfect Aire mini splits are sure to keep you nice and toasty in the winter months. The unit is able to reverse the refrigerant process in very cold weather. The unit extracts the outside heat, and transfers the heat to the inside. These units are perfect for new additions, or buildings that don’t already have a central air system installed.

Always Warm Air

This feature prevents any cold air to blow prior to the heating. The fan is regulated according to the desired temperature, making sure you have the perfect air temperature blowing into your home.

Smart Diagnostic Function

Any abnormalities in the system will be caught by its self diagnostic feature. This will display error codes, part failures, and even shuts off automatically in order to protect the system from more damage. An additional feature also detects any refrigerant leaks, sending a notification to the unit indoors.

Auto Defrost

The evaporator in the mini split unit automatically defrosts. This will improve your energy savings, and prolong the life of your mini split system.

Sleeping Mode

When in this mode, the unit will decrease the heat, or increase the cooling by 2 degrees each hour for two hours. The following 5 hours hold the temperature steady until the unit is switched back to your everyday preset. This will save money on your energy bill, and keep your home cozy during slumber.

Remote Control With Built-In Thermostat

This is one of the coolest features on the Perfect Aire mini split. The remote has a thermostat built in, reading the temperature wherever the control is. This allows the system to make adjustments, coordinating with the temperature around the remote control.

Filtering With Silver Ion

All of the filters provided on the Perfect Aire systems are equipped with silver ion, that is released to kill any unwanted bacteria. Keeping your home fresh, and free of nasty particles.

Perfect Aire Products

The Perfect Aire line of mini splits is extensive, and could have you spending all day looking and researching the right system for you. I took the time to look around the internet to find the best prices for each unit, so you don’t have to.

Single Zone

Single zone heating and cooling will be enough power to support any tiny house. They are typically cheaper than multi zone units, and require very little installation.

The best single zone unit that Perfect Aire provides will be the 9,000 BTU 17 SEER ductless mini split system. You can find this system on Amazon, and will cost you around $1,600.00.

Perfect Aire 9,000 BTU Mini-Split System on Amazon

All of these costs are just for the unit, so keep in mind any additional parts you may need for the installation. You may also want to consider contacting a local HVAC specialist if you need help with the install. To read more about this product follow the link here!

Multi Zone

Multi Zone units are going to be more money, but will heat or cool multiple zones in your home. The more zones you need to cover, the higher the price. These will cover more square footage, but also require more installation time.

The best multi zone Perfect Aire unit I could find at a great price, was the Tri-Zone 27,000 BTU 22 SEER for around $3,000.00 on Amazon . You can check it out here!

27,000 BTU Perfect Aire Mini-Split System on Amazon


Perfect Aire Ductless Mini Split Systems are perfect for any tiny home dweller. They provide heat in the winter, and air conditioning in the summer. If you are looking for an all-in-one unit, then you’ve found it.

I hope that this article has helped you shed light on whether the Perfect Aire Ductless Mini Split is right for you. Let us know what unit you chose for your tiny house, and how it works for you! Thanks for reading!

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