MRCOOL Ductless Mini Split System Review

//MRCOOL Ductless Mini Split System Review

MRCOOL Ductless Mini Split System Review

Mr Cool Mini Split System Review

A long time ago, air conditioners came in one size, provided the same amount of cooling and heating, and were installed one way. Fortunately, MRCOOL Ductless Mini Split Systems are here to the rescue. With a wide variety of models to choose from, multiple installation options, and advanced features, MR COOL is sure to bring warmth or a cool breeze to your home.

MRCOOL’s manufacturing and advanced technology allows them to deliver high quality, high efficiency systems all over the globe. Get comfortable, in this MRCOOL mini split systems review we will break down all of the features, and recommend the best mini split system MRCOOL has to offer!

MRCOOL Mini Split Features

To stay ahead of the game in the HVAC industry, you have got to have the coolest features, and the most advanced technology. Good news, MRCOOL has both. The following is a breakdown of all the features you can expect to see on the MRCOOL mini split models.


Who doesn’t want to control their HVAC unit from the palm of their hand? If you have a smartphone, which I’m sure you do, then connecting to your mini split unit has never been easier. Connect any smartphone, desktop, or tablet to the MRCOOL system to have control wirelessly anywhere you go.

Remote Thermostat

Keep your MRCOOL mini split remote close by, and the system will track the temperature around you. This cool feature adds comfort to wherever you are in your house or room.

Timer Setting

If you run on a particular schedule everyday, then let MRCOOL save you time and money. With the timer feature, you can set the system to run at certain times of the day, saving you on the energy bill when you aren’t in your home.

Auto Swing Fan

Setting the fan has never been easier on the MRCOOL mini split system. Do you have a preference on your fan control? Select from different options, or let the MRCOOL system distribute the air evenly throughout the room.

With this feature also comes louver position settings! Change the direction in which the air blows out of the system, and the system will remember anytime it’s turned on!

Cold Weather Cooling

Even in the worst weather conditions, the MRCOOL mini split will keep your inside cool. With the ability to keep the system running in even 5 degree temperature, you’ll stay comfortable in your home.

Turbo Mode

Sometimes you need to give your AC a boost in the summer. With turbo mode on the MR COOL mini split, you’ll have your house cooled down in no time.

System Defense And Auto Restart

Making sure that your product stands the test of time, protection is very important. The MRCOOL mini split will alert you if any coolant levels drop, preventing any compressor damage. If you happen to lose power in a bad storm, the MRCOOL system will automatically restart when the power comes back on.

Sleeping Mode

As easy as touching a button, Sleep mode is a great way to keep your home comfortable and save you money on your energy bill, all while you enjoy your beauty rest.

Very Quiet

It is easy to get comfortable in your own home, unless there’s a constant compressor sound running. The MRCOOL mini split is built to run quietly and efficiently. This keeps the noise down, and the heating/cooling up!

Energy Efficient

Efficiency is everything these days. More and more people are going green, and things are more expensive to buy and maintain. MRCOOL has dedicated themselves to providing energy efficient products, that run on a fraction of electricity many HVAC systems do.

The Best MRCOOL Mini Split Options

Like many of the other mini split companies, MRCOOL has a large line of products suitable for all situations or houses. I did my best to find the best products MRCOOL has to offer to save you some time, and maybe some money as well.

Single Zone Mini Split

For the single zone heating and cooling units, your best bet, depending on the square footage you’re trying to cover, the MRCOOL Oasis 12,000 BTU Mini split will do the job.

You can purchase one of these units on Amazon for around $1,400. That may seem like a lot of money, but i can assure you that your monthly energy bill will go down.

Keep in mind that this is the unit for DIY. If you aren’t experienced installing these units, I would recommend talking with a local professional. To read more about this unit, or other options, follow the link here!

The other option in single zone mini splits would be the MRCOOL Advantage. This model is a lower grade version of the Oasis, but costs about half the price. For an 18,000 BTU unit, you’ll pay around $900. For more information on this product, follow the link here!

Mr Cool 12,000 BTU Mini-Split

MRCOOL Oasis 12,000 BTU Mini-Split System on Amazon

Multi Zone Mini Split

Multi Zone mini split systems are typically for larger homes. These systems can heat and cool multiple areas of your house, or outside garage.

MRCOOL has plenty of options for multi zone mini split systems. The best place to look for these are usually wholesalers, or Amazon. This particular model got a ton of great reviews, and is widely recommended on Amazon.

You can find the tri zone 36,000 BTU system for about $3,300. If you want to learn more about this product, or search more similar products, check out the link here!

MR COOL 36,000 BTU Mini Split System

MRCOOL 36,000 BTU Mini-Split System on Amazon


Finding the perfect mini split system for your tiny home can be daunting, and time consuming. MRCOOL is a great company dedicated to providing high quality, high efficiency, mini split units.

If your tiny house needs a great unit to heat you up in the winter, and cool you down in the summer then take a closer look at MRCOOL Ductless Mini Split Systems. Let us know what option you chose, and how it worked for you! Thanks for reading!

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