Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split System Review

//Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split System Review

Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split System Review

Mitsubishi Mini Split System Review

Mitsubishi is a name that we commonly associate with vehicles, but I can assure you that they do much more than cars. For more than 30 years Mitsubishi’s heating and cooling department has provided comfort, and enhanced lives in homes all over the world.

In this Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split Review, I will breakdown all of the features that Mitsubishi Electric has to offer, and why their mini split systems are perfect for your new home, renovation, or upgrade. Stick around and find out if the Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split System is right for you and your tiny house.

The Benefits Of Mitsubishi

You probably don’t want to spend a fortune on monthly energy bills, and neither do I. Mitsubishi are professionals at building efficient mini split systems.

Not only will their mini splits save you money on bills, but they will also keep you comfortable in your tiny home. Lets go through some of the amazing features found on the Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split Systems

Air Quality

Air quality is very important when it comes to heating and cooling. If you’re like me, you want fresh clean air blowing into your home. Every Mitsubishi mini split is equipped with the following…

Advanced Filtration

The multi stage filtration system is built to capture and remove allergy and asthma contaminants, along with particles that may spread illness or impact the quality of air in your home.


On select models from Mitsubishi you’ll find special platinum filters. Thanks to nanotechnology these filters have the ability to neutralize and absorb nasty odors.

Wash Your Filters

The washable filters on all of the Mitsubishi models, are built to last up to 10 years! This is just another way Mitsubishi saves you money on your system, and helps you to save the environment as well.


Efficiency is very important, especially when you live in a tiny house, or off the grid. Mitsubishi mini splits are 40% more efficient than conventional heating and cooling systems, and are built to save you money monthly, all while keeping your home comfortable. What makes Mitsubishi mini splits so efficient?…

Inverter Technology

Most conventional systems are either running or not. Mitsubishi compressors are built to run up or down based on the temperature needs of each room in your home. This conserves more energy, and maintains constant comfort.

Zone Control

Having multiple zones in your home is easy to control with Mitsubishi’s mini split system. Independently control each individual unit that’s being used, or shut off the units that aren’t to save money on monthly bills.

Energy Star Qualified

Many of Mitsubishi mini split systems are qualified with ENERGY STAR, and are even eligible for state and federal tax credits, along with local rebates on utilities.

Hyper Heat

With advanced heat pump technology, Mitsubishi is an excellent solution to maintaining comfortable temperatures in your tiny home, even when the weather outside is extremely cold. The heat pump will run in temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit, all while saving you money and energy.

Instantly Hot

The Hot-Start technology allows you to feel hot air immediately as the system is turned on. This eliminates any cold air blowing into your home in the winter.

Quiet As A Whisper

Who wants to hear a loud blower, or crazy starts and stops of the furnace or AC? Not I. The indoor units are about as loud as a whisper, and the outdoor units are about as loud as some background music. So how does Mitsubishi do it?…

No Duct Work

The ductless mini splits are short run ducted system. This means that the AC and Heat are delivered directly to the room they’re installed in, eliminating the need for loud blowing fans.

Built To Be Quiet

All of the components of the Mitsubishi mini split systems are designed to work together quietly. Vibration dampeners and the insulated compressor box make for a quiet system so you can stay comfortable without any absurd noises from your HVAC system.

Quiet Start And Stop

I always remember the crazy and scary sounds my central air system made when it would kick on and off. Thankfully, Mitsubishi mini splits make that a thing of the past. You’ll never notice the starts and stops of your mini split system.

Controls That Are Smart

Managing your mini split system has never been easier. Mitsubishi’s kumo cloud app allows you to control your cooling and heating system from any tablet or smartphone, from anywhere.

Comfort In Your Hands

Remotely adjusting your Mitsubishi mini split is extremely easy. Make sure each room of your home is the perfect temperature, all from the palm of your hands. The RedLINK tech found in the Mitsubishi mini split allows you to connect 16 different devices to your system, without interfering with other devices in your home.

Programable Settings

Mitsubishi makes it very easy to schedule run times on your heating and cooling system. Not only can you have set run times, but you can also control the system from your smart phone with the kumo app, which notifies you when filters need changed.

Mitsubishi Mini Split Options

Like many of the other companies in the HVAC field, Mitsubishi has a plethora of choices, and options for all situations when it comes to mini splits. Instead of spending all of your time on the internet searching through products, I did some research and tried to find the best units for the lowest price.

Single Zone

The best price I could find on a single zone mini split from Mitsubishi will cost you around $1,600. This unit is 12,000 BTU and 23 SEER, which you can purchase on Amazon here! If you live in a tiny house, then this unit will have plenty of energy and efficiency to keep you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. Not only will it keep you comfortable, but it’ll save you some money on your monthly bills.

12,000 BTU Mitsubishi Mini-Split System on Amazon

Multi Zone

Multi Zone mini splits are going to cost you a little bit more money. The more zones you need heated or cooled, the more expensive it’s going to get. The best multi zone unit I could find on Amazon is going to run you around $4,000. This unit is 27,000 BTU and 20 SEER. To check out more about this product or search through other options follow the link here.

27,000 BTU Mitsubishi Mini-Split System on Amazon


Choosing the right mini split for your tiny house can be daunting, and time consuming. Hopefully the information I have provided has helped you to make a decision on whether Mitsubishi is the right product for you and your tiny house. If not, we have plenty of other reviews and options when it comes to mini splits. Take a look at our other mini split reviews, and let us know which option you went with! Thanks for reading!

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