The Quad Hunting Platform By Muddy (Unboxing and Review)

//The Quad Hunting Platform By Muddy (Unboxing and Review)

The Quad Hunting Platform By Muddy (Unboxing and Review)

The Quad Hunting Platform By Muddy (Unboxing and Review)

Hunting season is upon us, and if you’re like me, you want to make sure that you purchase the right equipment to ensure your success this year. That’s exactly why I’m bringing you a review on The Quad Hunting Platform by Muddy.

In this article I will explain to you why I chose this particular hunting stand, and provide you with a video of myself and a friend unboxing, and assembling this product.

If you are in the hunt for a new tree stand, or platform, then please continue to read to find out if The Quad Hunting Platform is right for you!

The Muddy Company

Muddy has been providing hunters with quality high end products for years, and have recently expanded their brand to bring you even more options for your upcoming hunting season.

If you visit their website you’ll find everything from tripods and ladder stands, to harnesses and ground blinds, all at excellent prices. Muddy also has a partner brand known as Big Game Tree Stands, which I will be reviewing in a separate article, so stay tuned!

The Muddy Mission

Muddy’s goal is quite simple, create and deliver high quality gear for the best value in this massive hunting industry. With the hunting industry growing bigger every year, Muddy knows that every time a customer purchases and opens one of their products, their reputation is on the line.

This is the main reason Muddy has an excellent customer service center to help you through any problems you may run into with a product you recently purchased.

Unboxing The Quad Hunting Platform

When you receive your Muddy hunting platform, the first thing you’ll notice is that it has some weight to it. This hunting stand in it’s box weighs approximately 160 pounds, and stands 12 feet high when fully assembled.

I recommend from the start, that you have a friend help you to move the box, and to help set up the tree stand. If you try assembling this hunting platform by yourself, YOU WILL STRUGGLE!

When you first open up the box to your Muddy Hunting Platform, you’ll see that there are quite a few pieces to assemble.

The Components:

-Platform Plates

-Platform Legs


-Platform Rail/Gun Rest

-Cross Members For Platform Legs

-Assorted Nuts and Bolts

-List Of Instructions

Tools Needed:

You won’t need too many tools to complete this project, but before you dive head first into building this stand, make sure you have the following:

-A Helper

-Open-ended Wrench

-7/16 Wrench

-3/8 Wrench

*I went out and bought ratchet open-ended wrenches for this project, and it made it so much easier. All of the nuts are lock nuts, and some of the bolts were very long. Having the ratchet end on your wrenches will save you time!

*Also note, a socket set WILL NOT WORK, as the space is restricted, and the sockets won’t go over the locknuts!

Muddy Hunting Stand Assembly

The very first thing I did before I began assembling the hunting stand, was first lay out all of the parts in the box.

You’ll also want to dump out all of the nuts and bolts. This part was very frustrating, mostly because none of the bolts are labeled, and there are so many different types. In the manual, you have a list of all of the bolts (sizes/lengths), but there are no sizes or lengths on the bolts themselves.

I tried to separate the bolts by size and length before I started assembling everything. There are definitive differences between each bolt, and with any kind of knowledge of nuts and bolts, you should be able to figure out which bolt goes where, but this was NOT enjoyable…

Once you have all of your parts laid out, and the nuts and bolts separated to the best of your ability, you can then start following the directions for assembly.

As long as you have a friend to help, all of the necessary tools, and you stay organized with all of the pieces, this should take you about 4 hours to put completely together.

In Conclusion

In my experience, The Quad Hunting Platform by Muddy is an excellent product for the price. Even though building this was time consuming, it was very worth it in the end. The only thing that could make this product better would be better labeling on each of the pieces, and of course the nuts and bolts!

Other than those small details, the platform was simple to build, the directions are easy to follow, and I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a sturdy and mobile hunting platform.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this short review and video for the The Quad Hunting Platform by Muddy!

If you are looking to purchase The Quad Hunting Platform By Muddy, you can find it HERE!

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