Moultrie Feeders Unboxing and Review

//Moultrie Feeders Unboxing and Review

Moultrie Feeders Unboxing and Review

Moultrie Feeders Unboxing and Review

Moultrie has been a go-to company for outdoorsman, and hunters for years, and it’s no surprise. In this Moultrie Feeders Unboxing and Review, I will breakdown why I purchased this product for my land, and why you should consider doing the same.

After doing my research, and having purchased Moultrie game cameras, I came to the conclusion that their feeders were the perfect option for my property.

In this review, I will break down the specifications for the deer feeders, provide a short video of myself unboxing, putting together, and showing you how the assembled product works! Continue reading to find out why Moultrie has won my vote for most affordable, and effective feeder on the market, along with where you can purchase them for yourself!

Moultrie Feeder Pro on Amazon

The Moultrie Company

Moultrie has been in the hunting equipment game for over 35 years, creating durable products for all avid outdoorsman.

Moultrie specializes in deer feeders and game cameras so you can grow big buck on your property, or your favorite hunting spot, while keeping an eye on them in the process.

I recently purchased three Moultrie cameras for my 40 acre property, and they work great! You can also link your Moultrie cameras to your phone using the Moultrie Mobile App, in order to keep an eye on your wildlife from the palm of your hand.

The reason Moultrie leads the way in game cameras, and deer feeders, is because they truly devote themselves to creating high quality products that last in the field.

Not only do they produce high quality, long-lasting products, but they also have excellent customer service! No one wants to talk to a machine when having issues with recently purchased items.

Any time you call Moultrie with an issue, you talk to a human being. I actually had to do this myself when I was first setting up my game cameras. They were extremely helpful, and got my issue taken care of immediately.

Another reason Moultrie leads the way, is the warranty that they provide for all of their products. The game cameras come with a 2 year warranty, and their feeders are covered up to 90 days from date of purchase. Not too shabby.

Moultrie Feeder Pro on Amazon

Unboxing The Moultrie Feeders

In this video, I show you how easy it is to set up your Moultrie Feeders as soon as they are delivered to your door. The unboxing and set-up only took me about 15 min, and I didn’t use any tools!

All of the pieces you need are separately packaged in the box, and come with a set of step by step instructions to walk you through putting the feeder together.

The Moultrie Feeder Materials

When you open your new Moultrie feeder, you’ll first see the 3 piece feed container. I purchased the 30 gallon container, but you can apply and purchase different sizes. You have your feed barrel which is two pieces that are attached together via bolts and wing nuts. The final plastic barrel piece is the removable lid for easy filling access.

Next you will see a few boxes filled with your metal legs. You receive two boxes of straight legs so you can adjust the height to your liking. The other box contains the 45 degree legs. The bent metal legs are attached to the feeder container to spread out the stance of the feeder.

The next item is your feed spreader. I purchased the digital spreader so I could apply 4 different feeding times to my Moultrie Feeders. This is essential, especially for someone that owns their own piece of property.

The point of feeders is to get the deer or hog programmed to your feed. For instance, my Moultrie feeders spread feed at 6 AM and 7 PM. When season rolls around, I know that the deer on, or near my property are going to be waiting for that corn at 6 AM.

The only other items in the box are your bolts, wing nuts, plastic rivets to connect your spreader flange to the container, and metal stakes to secure your feeder to the ground.

Once you have all of your materials out of the box and laid out, assembling is really easy, and shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes on your own.

Moultrie Feeder Pro on Amazon


From the video you can see that assembling the Moultrie feeders is extremely easy. The completed product is lightweight, and can be dismantled in seconds for easy transportation. This makes it easier to move on your property.

I would definitely recommend Moultrie feeders to anyone looking for a quality product that works! I hope you enjoyed this short video and review on Moultrie feeders, and I hope that I have helped you to make a decision on whether Moultrie is the right product for you!

If you want your own Moultrie Feeders, you can buy them below!

Moultrie Feeder Pro on Amazon

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