GREE Ductless Mini Split System Review

//GREE Ductless Mini Split System Review

GREE Ductless Mini Split System Review

Gree Minisplit System Review

The GREE Ductless Mini Split System is a great way to supply your home, or tiny house with both heating and cooling. These units are stylishly placed on your wall with no ductwork, and require very little time to install.

Most heating and cooling units cost loads of money, and can be a massive project when incorporating into your home. Lucky for you, the GREE Mini Split Systems are easy to install anywhere in your home, and can be purchased for multiple zones.

About GREE

GREE started their company in 1991, with one goal in mind, to make the world a much cooler place. Since then, GREE has become one of the largest companies in the world for heating and cooling.

They offer top of the line products, customer service, and have dedicated themselves to creating the best in-home air conditioning and heating units. This helps those to live well, and comfortable during any season of the year.

Since 1991, GREE has grown to almost 80,000 employees, with over 300 labs, and over 5,000 engineers. They also have 9 product centers for developing, making them one of the most dedicated heating and cooling companies on the market.

GREE’s Advanced Technology

Energy efficiency has become more and more popular over the years, and much easier to achieve with our advancing technology. GREE wanted to make sure that all of their units were meeting the highest standards when it comes to energy use.

The outdoor condensing units on all of the GREE products use inverter technology. This increases the efficiency of energy, and saves you money on your monthly bills. Many of the compressors you find on conventional HVAC units run at fixed speeds to control the temperature via thermostat. The starts and stops of the unit are what keep the room at the desired temperature.

GREE’s inverter technology uses variable frequency to run the compressor, eliminating the harsh stop and start cycles, allowing the unit to run more smoothly, and creating a more gradual decrease/increase of power.

This technology allows the room to reach your desired temperature quicker, and evenly, for better efficiency and comfort. This, in turn, will save you money on your monthly energy bill, and protect the unit from wear and tear, so your mini split system has a longer lifespan.

GREE Filtration

Pollutants can be a big problem when running forced air through ductwork, such as dust, mold, and allergens. Because of GREE’s ductless system, they are able to filter, and purify the air as it’s forced into your home.

Some of their models are equipped with a photocatalytic filter, to improve air quality, and remove 99.9% of the viruses and bacteria before flowing into the home.

GREE Dehumidifier

All GREE systems have dehumidification setting called Dry Mode. This helps to control the moister problems you may have in the comfort of your home.

The Fan Unit 

Auto Clean, otherwise known as X-Fan is standard on all mini split system from GREE. This setting runs the fan continuously after the cooling cycle. This allows the coil to dry, eliminating the growth of mildew or bacteria.

GREE Product Line

GREE’s product line is very extensive. They have different mini split systems for every size house and heating and cooling needs. Instead of listing every single product, and reviewing each mini split system, I did the research and have given you a couple of their best options at different price ranges.

Single Zone Mini Split

9,000 BTU GREE Mini-Split System

GREE 9,000 BTU Mini-Split System on Amazon

If you are looking to zone heat and cool your tiny house, the GREE 9,000 BTU 22 SEER is the best bang for your buck.

You can find this product for about $800.00 on Amazon with free shipping. Keep in mind that if you purchase your mini split system from Amazon, or any other HVAC wholesaler, you’ll be doing the installation yourself.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing the install, contact a local HVAC specialist in your area to help out. In my personal experience, purchasing the product from an outside source will most likely be cheaper than going to your local heating and cooling company.

GREE 9,000 BTU Mini-Split System on Amazon

Multi-Zone Mini Split

24,000 BTU GREE Mini-Split System

GREE 24,000 BTU Mini-Split System on Amazon

Multi-zone mini splits are for those looking to heat and cool multiple areas of their home. Again, GREE has plenty of options, so I tried to find the best multi-zone mini split for the best price.

If you are looking to buy 5 indoor units for different zones in your house, you will pay close to $4,000. If 5 units are too many, you can get a double indoor unit for around $2,000 dollars on Amazon. Again, make sure you contact a professional before you do the install.

GREE 24,000 BTU Mini-Split System on Amazon


GREE has been a trusted company for over 20 years, and supplied millions of people worldwide with ductless mini split systems.

Whether you live in a tiny house, or you’re looking to zone heat/cool your home, GREE is sure to provide you with all of your HVAC needs.

I hope that this article has helped you make a decision on whether GREE is the right company for you! Leave a comment and let us know what product you chose, and how it works for you! Thanks for reading!

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