Building and Zoning Codes for Your Tiny House

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Building and Zoning Codes for Your Tiny House Navigating building and zoning codes for your tiny house is important if you want to avoid legal problems in your city or state. While some tiny house builders opt to skirt local laws and are able to get away with it for months or even years at [...]

Tiny Life Guide To Homestead Gardens

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Tiny Life Guide To Homestead Gardens The tiny home concept provides a number of key benefits, including affordability and flexibility. Many dwellers find mobility of the homes interesting. However, homeowners looking to grow their own vegetables will be faced by considerable space issues. For this reason, it becomes vital to consider non-traditional gardening methods to [...]

How to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe

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Tiny homes and minimalism go hand-in-hand. With such limited space, it is simply impractical to store too many things. Priorities must be set straight as only the essentials can remain. The rest should go, perhaps to charities or to friends who might need them. It takes constant vigilance to maintain a minimalist household. Creating a [...]