Osburn Wood Burning Stoves Review

//Osburn Wood Burning Stoves Review

Osburn Wood Burning Stoves Review

Osburn Wood Burning Stove Review

Finding the right wood burning stove for your tiny house can be a time consuming task. Thankfully you’ve come to the right place. In this Osburn Wood Burning Stove Review I will explain to you the types of features, and specs the Osburn Stoves have to offer, and give you a list of their top selling products.

The History Of Osburn

Located in Canada, SBI, otherwise known as Stove Builder International, is the company that manufactures Osburn stoves. Even though SBI is privately owned, they still produce high quality heating products for residence all over the world.

In 1875, the company F.X. Drolet Inc, specialized in foundry work, and elevators. In 1978, that would all change. The company went through another name change, going with Drolet Stoves and Fireplaces, and have been producing fireplaces, and wood stoves since.

In 2003, Drolet went through yet another name change. This time it was, and is still known as SBI. With years of experience, they used their research and skills to develop pellet stoves, wood stoves, furnaces, and chimney inserts.

Osburn Now

Osburn’s product line has grown throughout the years, and is now one of the most well known wood stove manufactures on the market. All of their stoves are well constructed and certified through the EPA. Not only will these wood burning stoves please your eyes, but they’ll also be nice to your bank account.


Choosing The Right Wood Stove

When picking out a new wood stove for your tiny house, it is important that you know the exact square footage of your tiny home. If you choose a wood stove that is too small, you may have problems adequately heating your home. On the other hand, choosing a larger wood burner than needed can over heat your house, and have you opening windows to get comfortable.

Another main concern when choosing the right wood burner, is the age of the house, and how well it’s insulated. Insulation of windows, and doors can effect the efficiency of your wood burner. Generally newer homes won’t have this problem, but if you’re upgrading in an outdated home, you should make sure your home is well insulated prior to installation.

Top Osburn Wood Burning Stove Options

The Osburn 900 Model Wood Burning Stove

Osburn 900 Wood Burning Stove

Osburn 900 Wood Burning Stove on Amazon

This wood burning stove is the smallest that Osburn builds. Even though the stove is small, it still packs a punch. The Osburn 900 can produce 40,000 BTU’s each hour, and can adequately heat a house between 250 and 1000 sq ft.

The best feature that this smaller wood stove has to offer, is that it can take logs as big as 17 inches. Unfortunately the fire box is 1.2 cubic feet, making it extremely small next to larger wood stoves. This may cause frequent reloading, and harder to keep the fire going throughout the night.

If you want a wood burner with an awesome design, and a large viewing window, the Osburn 900 is the perfect option for a tiny house. Even if you aren’t using the wood burner for your primary heat source, it can save you some money on your energy bill, and keep you extra toasty in the winter months.

Osburn 900 Wood Burning Stove on Amazon

Osburn 1600 Model Wood Burning Stove

This design from Osburn can be purchased with a pedestal, or cast iron legs. The Osburn 1600 wood burning stove is built to produce 65,000 BTU’s each hour. This makes it a perfect heat source for homes between 500 and 1,800 sq ft.

With a fire box that is 2.0 cubic feet, it is able to hold logs between 17-18 inches, just like the 900, with a little bit more room for wood. Just like the 900, you may find it difficult to keep the wood burning throughout the night. Adjusting the air flow to achieve a perfect burn will help the wood last longer. Not only does the airflow matter, but also the quality of firewood that you’re burning.

Osburn 2000 Model Wood Burning Stove

After years and years, the Osburn 2000 Wood burning stove has been the best selling product they make. Equipped with a firebox 2.4 cubic feet in size, this stove is efficient and easy on the eyes. The 2000 by Osburn is built to heat rooms from 500 to 2,100 sq ft. It’s equipped with a blower (optional), and can produce 75,000 BTU’s each hour.

The model 2000 by Osburn has a large viewing window, making it easy to view the beautiful fire you just built. With the one large door, unlike the 2200 which has a 3 piece door, the maintenance on gaskets becomes less of a task. If you need a powerful heating source for a medium sized home, then the Osburn 2000 is a perfect wood burning stove for you.


Osburn has been building high quality, efficient wood burning stoves for years. There is no doubt in my mind that you will find the right wood burner for your home from Osburn. No matter what kind of wood burning stove you go with, make sure you choose the right model for your sized home.

Burn the right firewood, and make sure your unit has excellent draft to get the most out of your new wood burning stove. Let us know what model works best for you, and how it’s helped you and your family warm up in the colder months. Thanks for reading!

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