9 Compelling Reasons You Should Make The Switch To A Tiny House!

//9 Compelling Reasons You Should Make The Switch To A Tiny House!

9 Compelling Reasons You Should Make The Switch To A Tiny House!

9 compelling reasons to switch to a tiny house

Tiny houses are taking off nationwide in 2019, and it’s no surprise because there are so many advantages to living in a tiny house that everyone can benefit from. Whether you are married, retired, single, or have children, a tiny home would be a great investment for you to make. Here are the top 9 reasons you should make the switch to a tiny house, and the rewards by doing so.

Inexpensive to Build

Liberation Tiny Homes The Shell

Building tiny homes are much cheaper than buying or building full-size homes (sometimes costing only $12,000 or less). There are so many ways to save money on building a tiny house just by being creative.

Using recycled wood and buying used windows are great examples of trimming your budget and adding a unique quality to your home that no one else will have. These small savings will quickly add up, and soon you’ll have money to spend that you never knew existed.

Possibility of Travel

It can be really challenging to decide on your forever home and where you want that to be. With a tiny home you have the ability to move around as many times as you like because most are built on trailers.

Adding solar panels and collectors for rainwater will really make your tiny home ideal for efficient, on-the-go travel. Tiny houses require only a small portion of land, making them easily adaptable for those who love to go, go, go!

Why panic about leaving your home and belongings when you can just bring them with you? Tiny homes truly are the future for the young at heart.

Environmentally Friendly

If you are someone who cares a lot about the environment and are passionate about reducing your carbon footprint, a tiny house could be just the thing that you’re looking for. Adding solar panels to your home and equipping a filtration system for rainwater can help to minimize your energy use, allowing you to live off-the-grid.

The structure of your house itself can be built with repurposed and recycled materials, minimizing the amount of new supplies that would typically be created for construction. Add a composite toilet and your tiny house is the ultimate eco-friendly structure. It all depends on you and your wants and needs, so go as green as you want, because your tiny home can be customized by you, for you!

Opportunity to Declutter 

How to create a minimalist wardrobe

When you live in a traditional home it can be easy for junk to accumulate without you noticing. Switching to a tiny house will force you to choose your possessions thoughtfully, and decluttering helps with focus and self-motivation.

When you don’t have to worry about meaningless items taking up space in your home, it’s amazing how much clearer you will feel mentally, giving you more time to focus on you and your endeavors.

Energy Efficient 

Energy bills for traditional homes can cost a fortune, and it can be even more expensive to put in self-sustaining energy, like solar panels or wind turbines. Because of the sheer size of traditional homes, that much energy can quickly raise your bills. With tiny homes there are no expensive energy bills because the space itself is so small.

With less space comes less expenses paid for heating and cooling. Smaller appliances help too! In a tiny house, solar panels and wind turbines, while pricey, won’t break your budget. Because the tiny home itself will save you tens of thousands of dollars, you will have more money to commit toward alternatives like solar and wind energy.

More Time Outside


When you live in a tiny house there aren’t as many rooms to tuck away in. Tiny homes encourage you to go outside and be active with your life. Instead of sitting in front of a television, you’ll be more inclined to get out, go for walks, hike local trails, or ride your bike. Being active and spending time outside are valuable to your mental and physical health.

Overall, your tiny house will incentivize you to take up new activities that you never knew you would enjoy, and better yet, activities that you never knew you had time for. By moving into a tiny home, you would undoubtedly be helping your body stay healthy by limiting your space inside the home and making the outdoors a key component in your life.

Easy to Maintain 

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If you are someone who hates constantly cleaning and tidying up, then moving into a tiny house might be a good option for you to think about. Living in a small space means that there can’t be a lot of clutter.

When you move into your tiny house you’ll inevitably only bring items that enrich your life. This means that there will be less clutter and less mess to clean. Having limited space also means that there won’t be as much floor to sweep and mop, or shelves to dust and polish. In a tiny home, you can relax and not worry so much about the upkeep, because all of the things that you had to keep up with will be cut.

Good With Kids 

Living with kids can be tricky, but if you are an innovative parent who likes to think outside the box, then moving to a tiny home might be a great investment for you and your family. Your children will have to give up a few of their toys, but they will be enriched by life outside the four walls of their home.

Your tiny house will compel you to be more creative with your children, allowing you to focus more on the things that you would like them to be learning and engaging in, rather than sitting them down with a tablet or television.

Living in a smaller house will motivate you to take your kids outside and have them go on nature walks with you. Are you someone who likes to go on field trips? Having less space may encourage you to check out that new museum, or show your kids the local farm. The options are endless, and your tiny home may just bring out the best, most creative parent in you. Ultimately, living in a tiny house will bring you and your family closer together.

No Mortgage 

Things that might normally cause stress when looking for a traditional home don’t necessarily apply when looking for a tiny home. Something like a mortgage, that is often inevitable in the house buying process, goes right out the window with a tiny house.

Because the cost of building a tiny home can be decided by you, there would be less reason for taking out a loan for money that you don’t have. Given that a tiny house can cost as little as $3,000, loans may not be necessary, especially if you plan and save ahead of time. With no mortgage and no interest rates that will accumulate after twenty or thirty years, you’ll be able to relax in your home and not think about the burdens of accumulating costs. Instead, you can sit in your tiny house, relax, and remember that it is all yours, free and clear.   

Final Word

If you are someone who embraces the little things in life than consider investing in a tiny home. Get rid of the things that you no longer need and give yourself more freedom to live and explore without the weight of traditional everyday life. A tiny house is more than just a roof over your head, it’s a lifestyle that releases you from the burdens of the “bigger is better” mentality. So embrace the tiny house movement and watch life begin to flourish before your eyes.   

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